Patch Family Enjoying Second Generation Hockey Players

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Revere is known for many legacy families when it comes to sports. One Revere family joining that elite group is the Patch family. David, Chuckie and Billy Patch have been playing hockey since they were 3 years old starting at Revere Youth Hockey. Today, a second generation of Patch skaters are sharpening their skates continuing the hockey legacy, Abby Patch, 9, daughter of Chuckie. and Danny Patch, 14, son of David, who is a freshman at Pingree and a starting varsity player.  

All three brothers played at Dom Savio until it closed and David transferred to Revere High School and Chuckie went to Malden Catholic. 

Chuckie Patch

“I didn’t think it was possible for me when I had 2 daughters. After talking with some old teammates, I learned how intense women’s hockey has become and how many opportunities there are now for them to succeed. Hockey is a very demanding sport and you have to be fully dedicated to get ahead in this sport. Abby is willing to play 7 days a week with no complaints and now watches old videos, basically obsessed. She loves that she plays with the boys, and that it is a team I played with as a child. Abby loves it when she gets a chance to see Danny play. Danny is her hockey idol, and she is always asking about his achievements. I have been watching Danny play for years, he is leaps and bounds away from the skill level of his dad and uncles. He is smart, determined, dedicated, strong and his athletic ability is steps ahead of players in his age group. Being a hockey parent is not an easy task, it even makes it hard to do things as a family because we are always on the road playing games. Hockey is a love that you can’t explain until you have experienced it. Hockey is your other family, you make bonds with teammates that will last a lifetime. I am still friends with guys I played with 40 years ago.”

David Patch

“I never pushed Danny to play hockey.  He received a toy stick from a friend on his first birthday and never looked back.I am grateful that he loves the game as much as I do. It is a great bond and it is amazing to watch your child do something that he loves so much. Growing up our hockey friends were our second family at times you saw them more than your own family.  I am now grateful for the new hockey family and memories we have made through Danny.  Growing up I was able to see so many different places through hockey, and I love that Danny is now experiencing this. He has been to so many places that he would not have otherwise visited. Last year he had the opportunity to play in Italy, and this year he will have the opportunity to play in Germany.I want to thank my parents for the sacrifices they made all those years having 3 boys playing hockey.  As a parent I definitely recognize the sacrifices that are made for this sport.  The rewards outweigh the sacrifices but I am  thankful for what they gave us growing up.”

Billy Patch

“I loved playing hockey! My mom and dad sacrificed a lot for us to play! A lot of very early practices and games! I loved Revere youth hockey and then playing on different traveling teams was really fun! I got to play with and against some very talented players. Some even played in the NHL! In my career I played all positions except goalie which kind of messed up playing longer but I loved it so much! I love that Danny and Abby are playing! Danny is a very talented kid and he works hard at it! Most talented Patch at hockey! Abby got a late start but she really loves it and is picking it up very well! She is loving it also! Out of our large families we were the only ones who played hockey! Great memories!”

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