Star Burst: PCSS Student Isam Khorsi Honored for Exceptional Performance on MCAS

Isam Yanis Khorsi of Revere, a fifth grader at the Pioneer Charter School of Science in Everett, has been honored for his execeptional performance on the 2023 MCA tests.

Isam, the 11-year-old son of Malik Khorsi and Chahinez Khorsi, who emigrated from Algeria to the United States, received a congratulatory letter from Mass. Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Jeffrey C. Riley stating, “Your [MCAS] scores put you among the students in Massachusetts.”

“I know you and your family are very proud – I know I am,” said Riley.

Isam entered the Pioneer Charter School of Science in kindergarten. He has the opportunity to continue at PCSS through high school.

An honor student, Isam currently has classes at PCSS in English, math, history, and science, citing math and science as his favorite subjects. He has won prizes in two science fairs for his kinetic energy and water quality improvement projects.

Malik Khorsi said the family is very proud of Isam and credits PCSS for its outstanding teachers and the school’s encouragement to excel in all areas.

“Pioneer is an amazing school,” said Mr. Khorsi.

Said Isam, “I have great teachers and great classmates at Pioneer. They really inspire me. I also want to thank my parents. They’re very helpful and supportive.”

Isam said his sister, Luisa, 19, a Revere High School graduate and a student at UMass/Boston studying biology, has been a positive influence in his life.

A student with many interests

Isam’s interests extend beyond the classroom. He enjoys business, politics, reading books, watching CNN (Cable News Network), and music and movies from the 1980s and 1990s.

He is also quite proficient and knowledgeable about those topics, demonstrating during the newspaper interview that he knows the abbreviations for CEO (chief executive office), COO (chief operating officer) and the leading candidates for President of the United States – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump – and their party affiliations (Democratic and Republican respectively).

Isam also enjoys playing soccer with his friends.

“I’m very proud of Isam because he has an interest in many subjects, is competitive in a healthy way, works hard in everything he does – and he’s a good kid,” said Malik Khorsi, who attended Northeastern University in Boston.

As one would expect from a budding academic superstar, Isam would like to attend one of the nation’s most prestigious colleges, putting nearby Harvard at the top of his list.

Isam said he aspires to be a research scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Earning praise from the PCSS administration

Isam’s academic excellence has been lauded by leaders of the Pioneer Charter School of Science.

“Isam Khorsi stands as one of our high-performing scholars within our school community,” said Dr. Akin Osturk, executive director of the Pioneer Charter School of Science. “Demonstrating high proficiency and resilience, he consistently rises to meet the challenges presented to him in the fifth-grade curriculum. His ability to navigate demanding academic tasks with ease and grace is commendable, earning him a well-deserved position on the honor roll. At PCSS, we take immense pride in nurturing such bright talents, and Isam’s achievements serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment to academic excellence that permeates our institution. We are honored to have Isam as a member of our school family and eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued growth and success.”

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