Former State Rep. RoseLee Vincent Endorses Alexander Rhalimi for Councillor-at-Large

Special to the Journal

Former State Representative RoseLee Vincent has endorsed Alexander Rhalimi for Revere City Councillor at Large. Vincent, a well-respected advocate and leader in our community, believes that Rhalimi’s dedication, vision, and commitment to serving the people of Revere make him the ideal choice for this important role.

“I am proud to endorse Alexander Rhalimi for Revere City Councillor at Large,” said Vincent. “Rhalimi has worked on various community initiatives, I have witnessed his passion for improving the lives of our residents. His strong work ethic, integrity, and understanding of the challenges our city faces make him a standout candidate.”

Alexander Rhalimi holds a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. His educational background can be valuable when interpreting and crafting local ordinances, policies, and regulations as a member of the city council. His knowledge can inform discussions and decisions related to public safety initiatives, law enforcement practices, and community policing. Throughout his life, Rhalimi has actively engaged with the Revere community. He has volunteered with several local non-profit organizations and has a deep understanding of the issues that matter most to residents. Rhalimi is currently the principal of Alliance Financial Group, equipping him with a solid foundation in fiscal management and economic matters. Rhalimi expressed his gratitude for the endorsement, stating, “I am deeply honored to have the support of former State Representative RoseLee Vincent. Her tireless dedication to our community has inspired me, and I am committed to carrying forward her legacy of service and advocacy.”

Rhalimi is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. His campaign platform is centered around key policy priorities that address the diverse needs of Revere’s residents. Rhalimi is committed to enhancing community engagement and transparency, ensuring public safety through community policing, and promoting sustainable economic development to create job opportunities. He is a strong advocate for affordable housing solutions and equitable housing policies, aiming to provide stable and affordable living options for all. Rhalimi also prioritizes education and youth empowerment, aiming to collaborate with local schools and organizations to improve educational outcomes and provide meaningful opportunities for young residents. Additionally, he is passionate about environment sustainability, advocating for renewable energy initiatives and infrastructure improvements to ensure a greener future and protect the Point of Pines neighborhood. Rhalimi’s platform also emphasizes transportation enhancements for seniors in Revere, social services support, and initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, all aimed at building a stronger, more resilient Revere that thrives on community engagement and positive change.

The endorsement from Former State Representative RoseLee Vincent adds to the growing momentum of Alexander Rhalimi’s campaign. Residents and supporters alike are looking forward to a future of positive change and progress under his leadership.

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