Revere Schools Host Multilingual And Multicultural Showcase and Celebration

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Last weekend, the cafeteria of Revere  High School became a cultural oasis as the district hosted a multicultural event.  The Multilingual and Multicultural Showcase and Celebration was hosted by the district’s ELPAC (English Learner Parent Advisory Council and Multicultural Learner and World Language Departments. This event showcased the diversity of the Revere Public Schools through presentations, performances, costumes and food. The ELPAC is a council that provides opportunities for families to engage and share their voices and advocate for their children.  Revere Public Schools includes families and learners from almost 60 countries and who speak 60 different languages with 28% of the student body being English Learners/Multilingual Learners. To learn more about ELPAC and the Multicultural Learner and World Language Departments, visit the Revere Public School’s website at

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