Jaramillo Recognized in D.C.

Special to the Journal

Last month, Revere Planning Board Member Juan Pablo Jaramillo was recognized in Washington D.C. by the Colombian Embassy. Jaramillo who immigrated fleeing violence from Colombia traveled to our nation’s Capitol for a luncheon with Colombian President Gustavo Petro and Colombian Ambassador Luis Murillo Urrieta. Colombian-Americans from all over the United States who have devoted their careers to public service were also invited.

Revere has the second most Colombian-Americans in Massachusetts behind Lowell. “It was a pleasure to meet with President Petro and Ambassador Murillo and an honor to be recognized amongst national leaders for my work on behalf of working people.”

President Petro was visiting Washington for meetings with President Biden and U.S. Congresspeople as Colombia is a key national defense partner to the United States.

Jaramillo, a statewide recognized environmental and labor leader stressed the need to “forge a strong relationship between our state’s green energy sector and global partners. Our coastal sea floor places us in the position to be a clean energy leader at the world stage, something we will need to create good-paying union jobs for our city and our state and to avert the worst effects of climate change” to President Petro and Ambassador Murillo.

“It is urgent that coastal cities like ours plan for the effects of a changing climate while making the investments needed to make green energy transition. From transportation policy to how and where we create new private and municipal buildings. That has been a focus of mine on the Revere Planning Board because it is our duty to give the next generations a city and a healthy planet. We give an example by being good stewards from governing boards like the planning board I serve on here in Revere.”

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