Acting Mayor Keefe Announces Transition Leadership Team

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Acting Mayor Patrick M. Keefe announced today his transitional leadership team, with Claudia Correa, Chief of Talent and Culture to be taking on additional duties as Interim Chief of Staff and Robert Marra to serve as a part-time Senior Advisor to the Mayor. Claudia is currently the City of Revere’s Chief of Talent and Culture and will continue to serve in this role while taking on additional duties as Interim Chief of Staff. Robert Marra served as the Chief of Staff under Mayor Arrigo prior to his retirement and will serve this role on a part-time basis to ensure a smooth transition during this interim period.

“The goal for the next few months is to provide a smooth transition for our residents and staff and I believe Claudia and Bob are the perfect fits for the role,” said Acting Mayor Keefe. “Bob’s institutional knowledge through the Mayor’s Office and his legal expertise will be indispensable, and Claudia’s work in Human Resources and Talent and Culture will bring another sector of expertise to the Mayor’s Office. Running a city is all about teamwork, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by people every day whose goal is to make our city a better place to live and grow.”

As the first Latina Cabinet Chief in Revere’s history, Claudia continues to help move Revere forward. Throughout her time in the City of Revere, Claudia has worked to proactively create equitable, diverse, and accessible systems to better support Revere’s residents and  employees. With the Human Resources team, Claudia also implemented new ways to better respond to new and current employees’ needs. Not only has she created innovative ways to retain employees, but she has also revamped and updated job descriptions and expanded to new platforms to attract a broader and more diverse pool of candidates to the city.

Prior to joining the City of Revere, Claudia worked for the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where she held roles that allowed her to interact with residents, stakeholders, diverse organizations, and municipal and State departments, giving her the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of City and State Services, and the many ways they can be made more accessible to residents. Claudia and her family are Revere residents, and she’s also a proud mother of two raising her children in the City of Revere.

“I am eager to continue to support City Departments, its employees,  Acting Mayor Keefe, elected officials, and especially the residents of Revere and local partners, to make sure everyone has equal and feasible access to City Services,” said Claudia Correa.

Robert Marra will provide counsel and institutional knowledge to the Mayor’s Office during the transition process. Robert has served the City of Revere for 38 years as Assistant City Solicitor, Commissioner on the Revere Housing Authority (chair from 1996-2000); City Solicitor, member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, member of the License Commission, Municipal Hearings Officer, member of the Revere Beach Design Review Board, and most recently as Chief of Staff to Mayor Brian Arrigo. Marra spent 24 years as an attorney for MetLife Property and Casualty Insurance Co. and was Director of their Massachusetts House Counsel office from 2002 until retiring in March of 2018.

“I look forward to working with Acting Mayor Keefe,” said Robert Marra. “The City and its government do not come to a halt in light of a vacancy, and the City Charter underscores the importance of municipal leadership.  I consider it a privilege to be part of that process during this important time in the City’s history.”

In performing additional duties as Chief of Staff while continuing her role as Chief of Talent and Culture, Claudia will extend her capabilities and leadership skills across the full breadth of municipal government, working with all departments and staff toward an effective City Hall that represents the best of the City of Revere. She will continue to serve in her role as Chief of Talent and Culture. As Senior Advisor to the Mayor, Robert Marra will provide institutional knowledge and bring legal counsel to the Mayor’s Office during this transitional time.

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