Keefe Takes Gavel As City Council President for 2023

By Adam Swift

Ward 4 City Councillor Patrick Keefe was the unanimous pick to serve as the council’s president for 2023 at Monday night’s meeting.

Keefe, who last headed the council in 2020, takes over for outgoing president Gerry Visconti. Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna was the unanimous selection for vice president for the new year.

Ward 4 Councillor and newly elected Council President, Patrick Keefe, Jr.

Keefe struck a chord of finding common ground with his fellow councillors for the good of Revere.

“I want to thank outgoing Council President Visconti for doing an outstanding job in this last year navigating the turbulence and helping to maintain and upkeep civility in this hallowed chamber,” said Keefe. “Far too often, people on TV and social media see what’s going on and think that’s the normal way to act disrespectful to each other and think that’s how they are going to get the job done, but that doesn’t work in real life. Life is about finding common ground and making sacrifices at times when decisions are not always black and white.”

Keefe said the council must be comfortable managing gray areas and be okay disagreeing respectfully.

“We represent our community with actions and our behaviors, and we owe it to the 65,000-plus residents of Revere to represent them with respect and proper decorum,” said the new president. “This is how we operate in the City Council, and that will be my number one duty to make sure we continue to do so.”

Keefe thanked his fellow councillors for having the faith and confidence in him to lead the council, and thanked his family for their support while he takes on public service.

“I’ve built my life, my family, and most of my living experiences around the city of Revere,” said Keefe. “My pride for what we have accomplished and the work we have to do is constant.”

Visconti also thanked the council, his family, and the voters for supporting him during his time in office, and especially during his last year as the council’s president.

He also had a special thanks for City Clerk Ashley Melnik.

“Madame Clerk, without you, this council does not operate,” said Visconti. “You’re probably one of, or the most important, person to all of us, and on behalf of the rest of the City Council, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for all of the work that you do for all of us, and especially the help you have given me this past year.”

McKenna also thanked her fellow councillors for their vote of confidence in selecting her as vice president. “I would also like to thank you for your respect, always, for your love, always, and for your support and friendship through my seven years of being a councillor,” said McKenna. “I also want to thank my constituents for putting me on the council

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