Volleyball team honored by School Committee for perfect season

By Taylor Giuffre-Catalano

 â€‹â€œ20-0. Unreal, right?” exclaimed Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Dianne Kelly, during the December 20 meeting of the Revere School Committee. At this meeting, the Revere High School Girls Volleyball team was honored for their perfect season. Led by Revere Athletics powerhouse, Coach Liane O’Hara-Mimmo, the Lady Patriots soared past Greater Boston League (GBL) competitors to a 20-0 season, and a GBL Champion banner.

​“They really did have an outstanding year, undefeated,” Dr. Kelly continued. “We’re glad that some of our student [athletes] are here, and others associated with the volleyball team,” she noted, before commending the team for earning the title of “Greater Boston League champions.”

​Dr. Kelly continued, noting: “One thing I know– having been a former athlete back in my early high school days– is you don’t get this kind of success without the whole team working together. So, congratulations to all of you for working so hard, and really being able to shine and support each other.”

While emphasizing the importance of teamwork and unity, Dr. Kelly also praised the team as a “model” for other Revere High School sports teams. Later, she stated her hopes to be “celebrating other teams” over the coming months.

​Following Dr. Kelly’s remarks, members of the Girls Volleyball team were presented with certificates of achievement from the School Committee. The team was met by considerable applause and excitement during the presentation of awards.

Members presented with awards included Gabriela De La Rosa, Lea Doucette, Camilla Echeverri, Stephanie Espinoza, Calrin Fernandez, Juanita Geraldo, Kyara Rodriguez, and Liv Young. Captains Sabrina Indorato, Fiona Musaraj, Ayra Vranic were also recognized with awards. Additionally, the team’s coaching outfit was recognized for their achievements.

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