Supply chain woes cause delayedimprovements in Revere Public Schools

By Taylor Giuffre-Catalano

 â€‹During the December 20th School Committee meeting, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Dianne Kelly, explained the need to delay two significant building projects for Revere Public Schools, namely in regards to the window and door replacements at the Lincoln School, and the development of a new Revere High School building.

​“In 2021, we were accepted to the MSBA’s Accelerated Repair Program to replace the windows and doors at the Lincoln School,” Dr. Kelly opened, “and we have encountered some supply chain issues with that project.” Supply chain issues, which have not been uncommon throughout this recent period of global political unrest, have plagued Americans with headaches, especially in regards to cost and timeliness of project completion: Revere Public Schools has now fallen victim to this global problem. “Though it’s only December,” Dr. Kelly continued, “Our designers and developers already know that the glass and aluminum that we need to order for that project will not be here in time for summer.”

​Dr. Kelly explained that “this is a little bit of a complicated project,” that “normally, we would just balance with that.” She noted that “the challenge with this particular job” is that “some of the window encasings contain asbestos,” hence, the project cannot be started until schools are entirely vacated of students and staff.

“There is a real mitigation process involved in this window replacement project, and therefore, we’ve decided that it’s in the best interest to try to delay it by one year.” She explained that Revere Public Schools has “submitted a request to MSBA” to “have that program delayed by one year.” Dr. Kelly noted that she doesn’t “anticipate [the delay to] be a problem,” but that she just wanted to “let the committee… and the community know” about the “challenges” Revere Public Schools is currently up against.

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