Boxing Program Flourishing With New Location and Donors

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Revere Police School Resource Officer Joe Singer and professional boxer Greg Vendetti started a boxing program in a 20 x 20 space at Revere High last year. They made a promise to their students they would get a bigger space and they did.

“We started a nonprofit 501C3 organization (Revere Boxing and Outreach) and Mayor Arrigo gave us the go ahead to utilize the third floor of the McKinley School, (the old cafe/gym/auditorium). It was a disaster when we first came upon it having not been used for years. With the help of Revere City Yard workers, Steve Penta, Eddie Volcimous, Chris Bruker and some motivated temporary summertime student employees, we gutted out the place, and rebuilt it into a legit boxing gym,” said Singer.

“Revere High maintenance man, Jimmy Sicuso, and I took a ride down to the South Shore where we were given a boxing ring, mirrors, heavy bags, gloves, and numerous other gym equipment and supplies. The generous donor John Gatto, is a long time boxing fan, with Revere roots who made our boxing gym hopes into a reality.”

Singer and Vendetti along with Revere Police Officer Emilio Fusco, Firefighter Tyler D’Angelo, Lincoln School Physical Education April Feeney and their dedicated boxing students carried everything up 3 flights of stairs and rebuilt the gym.

In addition to a new space, the program also has created a website

According to Singer, “Our website provides a background on our program, how it came about, and what our goal is for the students in our community. I want to give a special thank you to Telma Zeleya from the Revere High Communication Systems and Database Team for creating this website for our program. She really went above and beyond out of the kindness of her heart. I feel blessed to have so many people donating their time and labor to ensure the sons and daughters of Revere have an after school outlet to relieve stress.”

The program has recently started selling swag such as hats, beanies, hoodies, shirts, and patches. The website also makes it possible to donate the merch to a student, or just to make a donation such as cleaning products, wraps, mouth guards, and other miscellaneous gear.

Singer is also grateful for a recent donation to the program. Revere Fire Department Local 926 Union President Kevin O’Hara presented the program with a check for $300, and as a department they purchased 100 fundraising patches at $10 a piece. The money was used to buy new gloves and sparring equipment for the students. “Local 926 was happy to donate to a program that’s willing to take kids off the streets and build strong relationships with public safety,” said President O’Hara.

If you would like to learn more about the program, purchase some swag, or make a donation, please check out their website or visit their Twitter @RevereBoxing02151 or Instagram at Revere_boxing_outreach02151.

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