Council Approves Request To Install Camera at Sargent Street Dog Park

The City Council approved a request by City Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino at its Sept. 12 meeting that Mayor Brian Arrigo direct the Revere Police Department to install a camera at the Paws ‘N Play Dog Park located on Sargent Street.

Serino asked that monies from the Dog Park Revolving Fund be utilized to pay for a camera. Serino said the account consists of the annual dog licensing fees ($10 or $25, depending on whether the dog has been neutered or spayed).

Serino said a camera will help monitor situations such as people abandoning dogs as well as dogs attacking other dogs and people.

“I’d like to have at least one camera installed at the park in a location that provides the best surveillance,” said Serino.

The dog park was the first of its kind in the city and it is open from dawn to dusk. Serino said Priscilla Nickerson and Elle Baker were instrumental in the creation of Revere’s dog park.

 Serino owns an Italian Min Pin (dog) named ZaZa. During a City Council meeting that was broadcast on Zoom in September, 2020, the then-six-months-old ZaZa was heard barking in the background, causing Serino to halt his remarks so he could tend to his canine friend.

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