Council Lauds City Planner Stringi for Development of New Zoning Map and Land Clarifications

The City Council commended City Planner Frank Stringi’s for his amendments to the city’s zoning map that will “reflect the actual land use that exists” in certain areas of the city.

Stringi said the first amendment was the creation of a conversation district. “Although some parcels are zoned for these other land uses, they are actually protective wetlands, marshlands, and open space areas,” Stringi told the Council. “For a long time, we wanted to protect these areas and show it on our zoning maps, so it doesn’t create a conflict and inconsistency when people view the zoning map.”

Stringi cited such conservation lands as the 1,700 acres that make up the Rumney Marsh, 17 acres of land in North Revere, marshland and wetland areas adjacent to Route 1A from Point of Pines to Revere Street on both sides, and areas adjacent to Sales Creek and Griswold Park (Town Line Brook).

“These are all publicly owned areas, and they shouldn’t be zoned for anything else but that – conservation areas,” said Stringi.

He also noted that the triangle in Roughan’s Point “is basically comprised of single-family homes in a general residential area, but it is zoned for general business, and the last thing I think the City wants to see is any kind of commercial development in that area which is a flood-prone area.”

 Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe said he appreciated Stringi’s work in clarifying which parcels of land are developable and which marshlands are protected.

“This map will definitely clean things up for people and their thoughts on future use [of parcels],” said Keefe. “I’m glad that he [Stringi] is able to tackle this project, and I’m in full support.”

Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo also indicated his strong support of Stringi’s mapwork.

“I’d probably throw many more locations into this,” said Rizzo. “I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m much more in favor of redevelopment than development of every single, little piece of land we have here in the City. It’s good that we’re blocking off some areas that will put conservation and greenspace for the City of Revere and the residents who live here going forward into perpetuity. I’ll be supporting this.”

Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto called Stringi’s expert map clarifications “long overdue.”

“I thank you, Frank, for your efforts, and I know that you truly have what’s right in your heart,” said Zambuto. “And I know what you do is what’s best for the City, and it certainly clears things up for developers and people who think they can just buy a piece of land and develop it. This clears all that up ahead of time.”

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers expressed his gratitude to Stringi for his expertise on conservation matters. “I want to congratulate you again for your hard work in making this happen.”

City Council President Gerry Visconti called the new zoning map “a benefit to the City.”

Visconti referred the matter to the Zoning Subcommittee, but he predicted future approval of the new map.

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