Revere High Class of 2012 Celebrates Its Tenth Reunion

Now we know why the Revere High School Class of 2012 elected Kate Ferrante as its class president three times.

Because they knew that Kate Ferrante, as their senior class president, would be organizing great class reunions for them forever.

The members of the Revere High School Class of 2012 are pictured at their tenth reunion Friday at MIXX 360 in Malden.

Ferrante, a former RHS state championship cheerleader with an ebullient personality, and class vice-president Venous Hamda Savoia, a multi-sport star at RHS, brought their classmates together for their tenth reunion Aug. 5 at MIXX 360 in Malden.

The planning efforts by Ferrante and Savoia were rewarded with a well-attended, cheerful reunion, replete with classmates’ memories about what made their years together at Revere High so special.

“We started reaching out to people in March just to get a good idea of how many people were going to attend,” said Savoia, who lettered in four different varsity sports at RHS. “We got really into the planning in May. We picked a place in June and then started selling tickets.”

Interestingly, Venous Hamza was married to Devin Savoia on June 18 and the newlywed couple now resides in Peabody.

Ferrante was co-organizing her second reunion in the past decade, the first having taken place in 2017.

“Our fifth reunion was at Howl at the Moon in Boston,” recalled Ferrante, a graduate of UMass/Amherst along with Venous Hamza Savoia.

Will there be a 15th class reunion in 2027?

“Venous and I have talked about doing a 20th or a 25th reunion,” said Ferrante. “We’re not sure if we’ll be having a 15th, but we’ll see.”

Ferrante said she works as a technical sales recruiter at Amazon and currently owns a home in Winthrop.

Reflecting on the successful reunion, Kate said, “I’m just excited that we were able to host this reunion at a local place.”

High school sweethearts are husband and wife

Nicole Palmisano became a member of the Class of 2012 during her sophomore year, and it was then that she met her classmate and future husband, Dario Gangi, who as a young boy had moved with his family to the United States from Sicily.

“Dario and I started dating the end of sophomore year, and we’ve been together ever since,” said Nicole, who was elated to be back with her friends at the reunion. “We got married in 2016, and we have two small children (Rosalie and Demitri) now.”

After Revere High, both Nicole and Dario went on to graduate together from Southern New Hampshire University. Nicole works in marketing and administration for a plastic surgery office. Dario works for the United States Postal Service.

Interestingly, Nicole said her family almost moved to Saugus after being forced to relocate after a house fire in East Boston.

“The house [transaction] ended up falling through and we ended up in Revere,” said Nicole. “My mom and I always joke, ‘imagine if we never came to Revere, we [Dario and I] wouldn’t be together now.”

Alexandra Ambrosino, daughter of the mayor

Alexandra Ambrosino spent virtually all her years in the Revere school system as the First Daughter of Revere.

Alexandra is the daughter of former Mayor Thomas Ambrosino, a graduate of Harvard Law School who is now the Chelsea City Manager.

“It was incredible,” Alexandra said about that experience of everyone knowing that your father was the mayor of the city. “Any time my father’s name came up, it was always a good thing. Everyone always praised him and said, ‘wow, that’s your father, he’s a great guy and he’s a great mayor’, so it was nice.”

Alexandra said in her senior year, her father concluded his distinguished career as mayor after twelve years in office.

“I feel like that was my identify for a while, so when he left, it was weird, because I was no longer the mayor’s daughter,” said Alexandra.

Alexandra was a scholar-athlete at Revere High and graduated from Salem State University. She is a third-grade teacher at the Hill Elementary School.

Alexandra Ambrosino was recently married to Michael Nader, who also has a prominent last name. Michael, who attended the Class of 2012 reunion, said he may be related to Ralph Nader, the country’s long-time leading consumer advocate and a former candidate for President of the United States.

Eduarda Berry proud to be from Revere

Eduarda Berry is proud to be a Revere resident and a teacher in the Revere school district.

“We’ve been on Toscano Avenue all our lives,” said Eduarda about her childhood in the city.

Eduarda reunited with her RHS basketball teammates, Michaela Maguire (Regis College), Venous Hamza, and Alexandra Ambrosino at the reunion. She also played four years on the field hockey team.

Eduarda graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Early Education from UMass Boston. She received her Master’s Degree in Middle/Secondary Education, also from UMass Boston.

“I teach fifth grade at the AC Whelan in Revere – ELA and social studies,” Eduarda said pridefully. “I attended the AC Whelan and Susan B. Anthony, so I know a lot of teachers from my time as a student.”

Eduarda began her employment in the Revere school district in 2018 as a paraprofessional.

“I started with [former Lincoln School computer technology teacher and Whelan School Principal] Jamie Flynn and she helped me with everything,” related Eduarda. “She wrote my recommendation letters, and then the new administrators at the Whelan were more than happy to help me through my whole transition from my Master’s degree studies to being a teacher. Anything I needed, they were there for me.”

Juan Pablo Jaramillo

praises his classmates

Class of 2012 graduate Juan Pablo Jaramillo has become well known in the city. He is the Democratic State Committeeman for Revere and was a candidate for state representative. He has also received praise for his work as a campaign manager and political director.

“It’s really exciting to be here with my classmates,” said Juan. “The Class of 2012 has been a highly successful and trailblazing class, and a lot of us still live in Revere. So, I’m excited that we’ve been able to keep a lot of us home, and I hope we can continue to keep our bright, young minds here.”

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