Sami Elasri Wins Revere High Football Ironman Competition

Revere High senior Sami Elasri began his football career in the eighth grade for the Revere Pop Warner Junior Patriots ‘A’ team.

“We made it to the Eastern Mass. finals,” recalled Elasri. “Donnie B. (Donald Boudreau) was my first-ever coach, and we all respect him so much.”

But the story gets interesting, here.

“Fun fact. I was actually thinking about quitting that year and Mr. Boudreau came up to me and said, ‘Don’t quit, you’re going to be a beast. You gotta keep going, you gotta keep pushing’. “And he motivated me to keep playing, and it was history from there on.”

Cut to last Thursday, July 28, at Revere Beach for the football team’s annual Ironman Competition when Elasri became the undisputed champion.

“It really feels great,” said Elasri. “The vibe was great. I love the team bonding. I loved being able to be competitive against my teammates. We supported each other.”

Interestingly, the second-place finisher in the Ironman was Domenic Boudreau, son of the man who inspired Sami Elasri to continue playing football. Hakim Malki and Jason Shosho finished tied for third place.

Displaying Strength Across All Events

Elasri stands 6-feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. He showed his strength, speed, agility, and conditioning with top-5 finishes in each Ironman event.

“I placed first with five tire flips in 8.9 seconds,” said Elsari. “I was third in the zig-zag cone event, fourth in the farmer’s walk, and in the obstacle course, I was second. When they added up all the points, I came out to be on top.”

Sami is the son of Zakaria Elasri and Nadia Hilal, who came to the United States from Morocco.

“I love my parents – they’re very inspirational, they push me to do great things on the field and off the field,” said Sami. “I hope to go on to college. I really want to go to UMass/Amherst. Hopefully, that can happen.”

Zakaria’s brother, Fadi, and sister, Nadi, are both studying in college.

A Four-Year Player

Elasri is beginning his fourth year in the Revere High football program.

“I started my sophomore year as a corner and moved on to safety,” said Elasri. “My junior year I played receiver and corner. This year I’m going to play wingback and cornerback.”

Optimism Abounds

Elasri is very optimistic about the 2022 season and is looking forward to being a major contributor on both sides of the ball for Coach Lou Cicatelli’s Patriots who finished a hefty 8-2 last year but were denied a playoff berth due to the ratings system.

“We’re all working hard in the weight room,” said Sami. “All of us got bigger, stronger, and faster from last year. We have a lot of returning players and we have a shot this year to go far in the playoffs.”

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