Dr. Kelly Takes Over the Reins as President of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

Revere Public School Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly recently took over the reins as president of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS)

Kelly, who began her career with RPS in 1995 before being elevated to superintendent in 2015, was appointed president of the MASS post in May and officially took over the post last month during the MASS’s spring conference in Cape Cod.

“It is definitely humbling to know that people who are your colleagues in education feel that way about your work and trust you enough to lead the MASS,” said Kelly.

As president of the MASS Kelly will work with the executive committee of 16 to 18 superintendents from across the state to push education goals and initiatives for the next year. “We have a structure where superintendents from different regions at our regional roundtables where they collaborate on policy changes and work we all need to be doing in our districts,” said Kelly. “So I will help run those meetings and work with the team to identify our main areas of focus. I will also help coordinate the MASS’s midwinter meeting in January and spring meeting in May. I served as Vice President of the MASS already but I will now help coordinate those professional development conferences for all superintendents.”

Prior to being elected to serve as the MASS’s vice president and now president, Kelly was co-chair of the Urban Superintendents Roundtable.

“That is where all of the urban superintendents in the state would get together on a monthly basis,” she said. “So I think that’s probably where I got some exposure while leading that group.”

Kelly then ran for the MASS vice president’s post and was elected. Once she became MASS’s vice president she was automatically next in line to lead the group.

Kelly began her career in RPS in 1995 as a mathematics teacher at Revere High School.

While in the classroom, she also served as President of the Revere Teachers Association and Lead Teacher of the Mathematics Department.  

Prior to being named Superintendent, Kelly served in several other administrative positions including Dean of Students at Revere High School; District Director of Mathematics; District Director of Math, Science, and Technology; and Assistant Superintendent. 

Kelly has also served on several state education committees including Co-chair of the State of Massachusetts Mathematics Common Core Review Panel, the Massachusetts STEM Operations Board and the K12-Postsecondary Pathways Working Group. 

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics as well as her Doctorate in Urban School Leadership at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  She earned her Master’s degree in Mathematics for Educators at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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