Revere Fire Dept. Battles Four-Alarm Blaze on Winthrop Ave.

The Revere Fire Department, on Saturday, assisted by area fire companies, battled a difficult-to-reach fire that had engulfed a large four-story, six-unit building at 912 Winthrop Ave.

When firefighters arrived at the fire scene Saturday at 2:41 a.m., there was heavy fire in the rear of the building that had extended from the third-floor ceilings to the fourth floor.

 Firefighters fought hard to knock down a large portion of the fire, but the fire had already invaded the wood spaces, likely due to an electrical malfunction in the bird-loft area between the attic and the ceiling, according to Fire Chief Christopher Bright.

Acting Deputy Chief Sean Griffin struck the second of four alarms, bringing the command staff to the scene.

Firefighters were credited with safely evacuating all 28 residents from the building. During the fire, one of the residents suffered a medical emergency and was transported to the hospital after receiving resuscitative efforts by firefighters on scene.

Firefighters surrounded the building to conduction exterior fire-hosing operations before they re-entered the building to extinguish pockets of fire.

Bright said the extremely hot and muggy weather added to the difficult nature of the firefighting operations.

“The time of the fire was 2:41 in the morning, so we’re very grateful that everyone got out,” said Chief Bright. “We’re very lucky in that regard. There were no reported injuries on our end.”

The chief said fire departments from Winthrop, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Massport, Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, and Lynn assisted at the fire. Twenty-two Revere firefighters, along with an additional 50 firefighting personnel from the other communities, were on scene.

“That’s a terrible time of night for the fire to come in, so that’s always a concern, but everyone did make it out, which is good news,” said Bright. “It was labor intensive, but everyone did a good job.”

Representatives from the American Red Cross worked with the residents who were displaced by the fire, while the Boston Sparks Club A-10 unit also helped at the scene.

Saturday’s Winthrop Avenue four-alarm fire continues a rash of fires that included a two-alarm fire on Mountain Avenue two weeks ago (that also started in the middle of the night), the high-rise fire at 370 Ocean Avenue, a fire on McCoba Street, and other working fires.

“The crews have been very busy this summer,” said Bright.

Revere Fire Capt. Mark Wolfgang, in coordination with the state Fire Marshal’s Office, investigate the fire scene. Through the team of investigators could not find the exact point of origin of the fire, they expect it was “an electrical event in the bird-loft area on the third floor,” said Bright.

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