Powers Says Point of Pines Fire Station a Top Priority

After receiving his oath of office from City Clerk Ashley Melnik last Friday, John Powers is enthusiastically looking forward to representing Ward 5 on the Revere City Council.

Clark in the election.

“It’s great to back on the Council,” said Powers who won the July 19 special election over two other candidates (Linda Santos Rosa and Ron Clark). “I want to thank my supporters. Apparently, they believe that I was doing the right thing for the City of Revere, and it has always been my intention to vote in the best interests of the city.”

Power said the construction of the new fire station in the Point of Pines neighborhood remains a top priority.

“There has been a lot of controversy out there about the fire station we’re building down in the Pines,” said Powers. “I can tell you now, ‘that fire station is going to be built’. “We have the bond authorization. Mayor [Brian] Arrigo and my colleagues provided the monies to build the fire station. The land has been cleared. I want to continue to do the positive things for Ward 5 and Revere that I started out to do.”

Powers said he was excited to see the major renovations that were done to Ward 5 playgrounds, including Ambrose Park, Gibson Park, and Oak Island Park.”

Visconti Welcomes Back his Colleague

City Council President Gerry Visconti officially welcomed back his former colleague to the 11-member Council.

“I called John to congratulate him on his victory and it will be a pleasure to see him inside the Council Chambers at our next meeting (on Aug 22),” said Visconti. “I look forward to working with him again, and I’m sure he will serve Ward 5 to the best of his ability.”

Visconti said he will invite colleagues to say a few words of welcoming to Powers following Ashley Melnik’s call of the roll at the next meeting.

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