Letters to the Editor

On the Council Meeting

“Dear Editor,

My wife and I bought a house in Revere in 2003. Since then, we’ve raised our two daughters, have been very involved in our community and have become very proud Revere residents. We love this community and everything that it stands for—its diversity, culture, economic growth, and good will of the people that live here. However, this week, during a City Council meeting, I was embarrassed by the actions taken by some residents who have been extremely unprofessionally, unruly, and downright disrespectful in those chambers—specifically focused on the lab space debate in front of the council. Angry, contentious, and politically motivated narratives have no place in those chambers and to see Council President Gerry Visconti ask police to clear the room was unsettling. The debate over a lab space is an important one—but it should be done professionally and with respect. Our city cannot rely on the residents to pay full freight for the services we need, which is why a commercial tax base is critical. I applaud the administration and the council for moving conversations like this forward. We need to remain competitive as an urban community and we need investments such as this to do so. A life sciences development in our city would be a great addition. It would attract world class companies, world class talent and world class commercial dollars. Let’s act like adults and let Revere’s leadership conduct business on our behalf without the need for a police presence. Let’s have some respect for ourselves and respect for our community. Enough is enough.”

Don Martelli

Demand for Action

The following letter was  sent from Mayor Brian Arrigo to the Carabetta Companies. It was submitted to the Journal.

Dear Editor,

It is with utter frustration that I write this letter on behalf of the residents of the City of Revere, specifically your tenants, to encourage you or someone from your office to step up and provide support for the individuals displaced due to the fire at your property on June 21, 2022.

Although we have been unsuccessful since Tuesday to address these issues together, it is my wish that we work together to ensure that the tenants who are now homeless because of the fire find suitable and temporary shelter until such time that it will be safe for them to return to their residences at your property.

Failure to respond immediately to this letter will give me no choice but to utilize all resources at the City’s disposal to conduct a thorough investigation of all Carabetta properties in Revere particularly, to ensure compliance with all fire, building, sanitary, and/or health and safety codes; to ensure that all uses are in compliance with City’s zoning and/or other local ordinances; and to confirm that all taxes and fees are paid to date.

Please note that if the City is forced to provide shelter for your tenants, the City will file a lawsuit in a court of competent jurisdiction to recover from you all costs incurred by the City, including legal costs, for providing shelter and assistance for your tenants.

It is my understanding that under Massachusetts insurance law you must allegedly carry tenant relocation coverage. As set forth in M.G.L. ch. 175, § 99 (15A):

“No company shall issue polices or contracts … [to] insure against loss or damage by fire … except as follows:

Every policy which insures multi-unit residential property against loss or damage by fire shall provide additional benefits … for each rental unit to cover the actual costs of relocation of any tenant …  displaced by fire or by damage resulting from fire.”

While I do not know whether you have the mandatory coverage or have filed a claim with your insurer, I do know that none of your tenants have been contacted by you to guide them through this process. Your inaction to date is highly irresponsible, unprofessional, and quite frankly, immoral.

I prefer to avoid litigation, but as Mayor of the City of Revere I have a moral obligation to assist my constituents in a time of crisis in whatever way I can help.

Please contact my office immediately.

Mayor Brian Arrigo

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