Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Donates Funds to Local Beaches

This year, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay awarded $237,200 to organizations across the state to fund free beach events as part of Save the Harbor’s Better Beaches program.

This year’s grants include $17,500 slated for Revere, with recipients including:

• The Revere Beach Partnership – $5,000

• Po Couto: Haus of Threes – $6,000

• Revere Parks and Recreation – $5,000

• Next Stop Revere – $2,500

• NamaStay Sober – $2,500

In 2021, the Better Beaches Program supported more than 60 organizations in nine waterfront communities from Nahant to Nantasket with events including festivals, movie nights, concerts, and beach parties. Save the Harbor has invested nearly $1.75 million dollars to support free beach events and programs since they began their partnership with DCR in 2007.

This year’s Better Beaches Program grants will bring free movie nights, DJ sets, circus performances, bike rides, Asian, Latin-American, and Afro-Arabian cultural nights, physical and mental wellness workshops, beach parties for kids and teens, beach wheelchairs, mobility mats, and much more to the region’s waterfront neighborhoods and beachfront communities of Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy, and Hull.

“The metropolitan beaches are extraordinary assets that belong to all the people of our region,” said Chris Mancini, Executive Director of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. “We’re proud to fund free community events led by organizations that celebrate and represent our communities’ cultural and racial diversity, and what we have in common: we love our beaches.”

The schedule of events at Revere Beach is as follows:

6/25—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

6/30—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

7/2—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

7/7—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

7/9—Haus of Threes Progress: Haus of Threes

7/9—Daddy & Me Literacy: Daddy & Me Literacy

7/9—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

7/13—Paddle Boarding: Revere Parks & Rec

7/13—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

7/14—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

7/14—Paddle Boarding: Revere Parks & Rec

7/15—Paddle Boarding: Revere Parks & Rec

7/16—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

7/22—Sand Sculpting Festival: Revere Beach Partnership

7/23—Sand Sculpting Festival: Revere Beach Partnership

7/23—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

7/24—Sand Sculpting Festival: Revere Beach Partnership

7/27—Paddle Boarding: Revere Parks & Rec

7/28—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

7/28—Paddle Boarding: Revere Parks & Rec

7/29—Paddle Boarding: Revere Parks & Rec

7/30—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

8/4—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

8/11—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

8/11—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

8/13—Bike to the Beach & Boogie: A Trike Called Funk

8/13—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

8/18—Thursday Movie Night: Revere Parks & Rec

8/20—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

8/25—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

8/27—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

9/3—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

9/10—Beach Yoga: NamaStay Sober

 * Last Class

9/17  Art Festival       Revere Beach Partnership

This year, at the recommendation of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission, the three largest grants were given to organizations that promote racial justice, access for people with disabilities and language accessibility, which were the subjects of three recent MBC hearings with more than 250 participants.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay awarded $7,500 each to the Veronica Robles Cultural Center, A Trike Called Funk, and Triangle, Inc. These organizations will host Vamos a la Playa, a series of activities to foster an appreciation for Latin American cultures, Bike to the Beach and Boogie, a series of bike-riding events at five different beaches with guest DJs, and Beach:Ability, a day of beach activities with sand and floating wheelchairs available. Save the Harbor also used $7,500 to fund free mobility mats and beach wheelchairs to ensure the beach is accessible for everyone.

“The Better Beaches Program events are as diverse as the communities that host them,” said Metropolitan Beaches Commission Co-Chair, Senator Brendan Crighton of Lynn, “But one thing they all have in common is that they bring communities together to enjoy our region’s public beaches. Thank you to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and DCR for working together to strengthen our beachfront communities and waterfront neighborhoods.”

Metropolitan Beaches Commission Co-Chair Representative Adrian Madaro of East Boston agreed saying, “Our beaches are most active when Save the Harbor and their partners are hosting free family-friendly and fun activities on them. They are especially important to my constituents in East Boston and all those people who rely on these spectacular urban natural resources for recreation.”

This year, Save the Harbor also let kids and the community decide how to invest $25,000 in Better Beaches funds in a participatory budgeting process that generated more than 200 ideas. Over 600 people voted for their favorites: Boston Harbor Beach Market, Diversity Matters Fest, Beats on the Beach Block Party, Teen Beach Bash, and Wellness Fest. Each winning idea received $5,000 in funding for the summer.

Funds to support the program comes from the Department of Conservation.

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