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Dear Editor,

Violence in our society is a symptom rooted in deep hurt, anger and fear. Insecure broken homes, lack of purpose and fatherly leadership all contribute to this. The fact that we are created in God’s image has been dismissed over many years of teaching the evolution theory as a scientific fact which it is NOT!  If your life is an accident, where’s the purpose?  The welfare system contributes to broken families by encouraging single motherhood and absentee fathers and discouraging fatherly responsibilities.  Lack of purpose leads to drugs and alcohol abuse, creating mentally unstable people.

Pro-Abortion Culture creates an atmosphere that the disposal of sanctified human life is acceptable! Abortion presented as a fundamental right for women is highly held by radicals. The leaked Supreme Court possible ruling on Roe vs Wade has resulted in violent and insane protests from the radical left recently displayed in front of churches, crisis pregnancy centers and at the Justices’ own place of residence! In looking at our society, one would conclude that pets are valued more than children!

We all agree that the shooting of children in schools is evil. Yet killing thousands of unborn babies per month in abortion clinics is praised by politicians and radical activists! What hypocrisy!  We are a sick society, plagued with a spiritual disease called SIN!   We must change our ways as a nation. We need to study the principles of God and re-instate the ten commandments for righteous living. We desperately need GOD!

Lucia Hunter

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