Vinny’s Market Continues To Be a Revere Staple

By Melissa Moore-Randall

As Revere is seeing many changes in its neighborhoods, one of the many staples in Revere is the popular Vinny’s Market on the corner of Malden Street and Newhall Street. The store was opened 45 years ago by the Prezioso family who had immigrated from Cerignola, Italy.

Owner Angelo Prezioso is a proud Italian immigrant who moved to the United States 55 years ago with his parents and three siblings. They lived a typical Italian life where they worked hard for everything and also lived a life rich in family and culture. They had a farm with many animals. Angelo’s father would often trade milk from the cows for foods and goods.

Angelo Prezioso, Owner of Vinny’s Market, mans the shop
from behind the counter.

“My mother’s family had already migrated to the states prior and my mother dreamed of a life to be with them. At the time, there was a lottery for people to be chosen to take the voyage on the USS Constitution to Ellis Island to come to America. When it was our family’s opportunity … we took it. With this opportunity would come a great reward and anticipation of a bright future,” said Angelo.

The family dealt with the initial challenges of being an immigrant family in America including not having English as their first language. The Prezioso children settled easily into classrooms and made many new friends in the neighborhood. “We are thankful for the people who helped us and to those who didn’t. All of this would test our strong character and we were determined to succeed in our new land.”

The elder Prezioso, Vincenzo, opened Vinny’s Market 10 years after coming to the United States. He worked long and hard days at East Boston’s Hides Factory which produced leather goods. Eventually he saved enough money, along with the help of a family friend, and purchased the property where Vinny’s Market still stands today. The family moved from a small apartment in East Boston to the larger place on Newhall Street. This allowed them to run the convenience store downstairs while living upstairs and starting their American Dream.

“Forty-five years later, my Dad has since passed, but our doors are still open welcoming and serving the community six days a week,” added Prezioso.

Vinny’s Market is definitely a one stop shop. It prides itself on its popular products like imported Italian cheeses and deli meats, freshly prepared quality meals, and sandwiches. They take pride in small batch cooking with exceptional service.

“Our atmosphere is a great place to have an expresso, put in a few Keno numbers, grab a lunch, or a bottle of wine for later that night. We love seeing our regulars on a daily basis who return with compliments. We want everyone to feel welcomed when they come in to experience what my family and I have built for over four decades.”

When you walk into Vinny’s you will be greeted by the smell of sauce cooking or a tray of sausages, peppers and onions coming out of the oven. As you walk you around will notice the nature of the place including the collectibles on the walls and the family photos scattered in different places.

“We really enjoy seeing the kids of the kids, who used to come as kids themselves, to bring their own in to get a slush or treat them to the “largest” candy collection. We plan to be here for as long as God grants us our health. Thus far we have persevered through the ever changing neighborhood, blizzards, and now the pandemic. By the grace of God we are still here to serve. Thank you Revere for welcoming my family.

Vinny’s Market is located at 296 Malden Street and is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. -7 p.m.

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