Revere Public School Committee Eyes Hiring a Health and Wellness Director

Revere Public School has not had a Health and Wellness Director since 2004 but Revere School Committee member Stacey Rizzo hopes to change that in February 

Back in November the Revere Public School Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly pitched the idea of using some American Recovery Act funds to create three positions within the schools.

The three positions discussed were a director of fine arts, technology or health and wellness.

Although there is enough money coming in from the federal government through the American Recovery Act for all three positions the one that all committee members agreed should be prioritized was the position of Health and Wellness Director.

At last week’s School Committee Committee of the Whole meeting Rizzo made a motion to have Dr. Kelly draft a job description for the position so it can be voted on and filled in February. “The one thing I think we’re all in agreement on right now with what’s going on with COVID and with families is that it is time that we hire the director of health and wellness,” said Rizzo. “We haven’t had one since 2004 and she was vital to our community. The job summary would basically be developing and implementing the strategic and safeguards protocol, promoting managing the health and safety of the students and the staff as well as the health concerns that interfere with learning. The staff needs support, school psychologists need support, and social workers need support. I just think this is the time that we really need to start looking at this position.”

Rizzo hopes a vote on filling the position will happen in february.

Rizzo’s motion was seconded by Committee member Susan Gravellese and supported by the rest of the members.

“Of the three positions we discussed, that (director of health and wellness) was the one we were all in agreement on,” said Gravellese.

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