Memorial Plaque for Susan Coppola Proposed for Louis Pasteur Park

The City Council approved a proposal by Councillors Steven Morabito and Joanne McKenna to install a memorial plaque at Louis Pasteur Park for Susan Coppola, who was a beloved person in the Beachmont community.

“Two weeks ago, we lost a long-time Beachmont girl,” said McKenna. “She happened to live next to the Louis Pasteur School. When the Louis Pasteur School was torn down, the Louis Pasteur Park was created. Her father would go every night for years and lock the gates of Louis Paster Park at dusk.

“When the father passed away and we redesigned Louis Pasteur Park, Susan Colorusso Coppola and her children maintained the park and locked it every night at dusk until she moved.”

McKenna said a plaque would be much-deserved recognition for Mrs. Coppola and her family’s service to the city.

Morabito said, “I couldn’t think of a better way to memorialize Susan, because she was so beloved by the community. Everyone who had interacted with her had such a positive experience. And she’s just so connected with so many people in the Beachmont area and throughout the city.

“This is a great way to remember her and think of all the memories that people shared with her.”

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