RHS Building Committee Expected to Chose New High School Site Next Month

Earlier this month the Revere High School Building Committee voted to narrow down site options for building of a new Revere High School to two potential sites in the city. At last Tuesday’s Revere School Committee meeting Brian Dakin, a Project Manager for LeftFiled who is overseeing the new high school project, said the School Building Committee should make a final site decision onJanuary 13

. The site locations have been narrowed down to the existing RHS site and Wonderland. After describing once again in detail the pros and cons of each site, Dakin said the feasibility study is drawing to a close. “On December 16 we ran the Building Committee through this presentation and tonight is the 21st so we are looking for further input,” said Dakin. “We’re going to bring back your input and some of the updates on cost and reimbursement.”

Dakin said further input would be presented to the Building Committee on January 6 and a presentation on the two site option to the Revere City Council on January 10. “Then we’re going to have the third community forum on January 12th,” said Dakin. “Then, on January 13 is the big meeting for the Building Committee. We’re asking the Building Committee, now that they’ve heard from us for a long time and they’ve heard from the School Committee and City Council, to make a recommendation on the preferred option between the choices we will have gone through at the January 13 meeting.

We’re looking to come back in front of the School Committee on January 18 to get a vote of support or non support on the preferred option and then do the same with the City Council on January 24.” The plan to build a new state-of-the-art high school in the city started with six potential sites. One site was eliminated earlier on in the process and sites formerly considered on Squire Road and the Caddy Farms site in North Revere were also eliminated. The Revere Housing Authority site on Cushman Avenue was eliminated by the Building Committee earlier this month. “As you know, we’ve been working hard to make sure the community is engaged in the decision making process around the location, the structure and the meaning behind this new school,” said Revere Public School Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly.

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