City Continues Process for Use of American Rescue Plan Funding

While some communities across the state have begun the allocation of funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for local projects, the City of Revere has not used any of its funding to-date. Revere is receiving $30 million as part of the State’s coronavirus relief spending bill. Mayor Brian Arrigo has overseen “a completely transparent process” that included a community-wide survey for use of the funding that is intended to help communities that were hit hard by the pandemic. At the time of the launch of the survey, Arrigo said, “The City of Revere is receiving $30 million dollars of ARPA funding – a number that will inevitably change the course of Revere for decades to come. “We must spend the money wisely, focusing our attention on pandemic recovery while also considering long-term projects. With community partners and public input, I believe we can use this money to shape the future of Revere into the City we all know it is destined to be.”

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