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Remembering Priscilla Nickerson

Dear Editor,

This week we were all devastated to learn of the terrible news regarding the passing of Priscilla Nickerson.  So many people over the years were fortunate to get to know her, and in the case of my wife Jane and I, to became close friends, business partners, and political allies.

There was no one more dedicated, relentless, or passionate about everything she did than Priscilla.  She attacked every task or project with 100% of her effort- nothing less.  During the years we worked together, it would not be uncommon for her to work well into the night, making sure to dot her “I’’s and cross her “T”’s to make sure she achieved the desired outcome. 

And her people skills were incredible.  She loved being around people and people loved her back.  She had a laugh so infectious that it was impossible not to laugh along with her, regardless of what was being talked about! 

Over the last several years, we drifted apart and didn’t spend as much time together as we once had, but I can never forget what she meant to me personally for so many years, and to Jane, my family, our committee, and our community.  I still feel so shocked that this could happen to someone who seemingly had so much life in her.  But I am grateful to have known her for so many years and will remember all the many fun times we shared over so many years.  Jane and I mourn her passing along with the thousands of others who had the privilege of knowing her. 

We wish her family and close friends’ peace and cherished memories for a person whom made such an impact in so many ways.

Dan Rizzo

Supports Biasella

Dear Editor,

I’m a lifelong resident of Revere, one whose early years of education were at the Whelan and Lincoln schools; I received a tremendous education from one great teacher after another. Where I am presently a high school teacher (Medford Vocational), I have a firm understanding of both the current events and inner workings that continue to reshape public education. I also understand very well that education has changed in many ways since I was a student. While I may not work in Revere, my interest in the Revere school system will always remain high. With many changes and differing opinions – before and during, and mostly because of, Covid-19 – we need the most experienced, versatile, and well-rounded individuals serving on our School Committee more than ever before. This is why I firmly believe it is crucial to elect Vanessa Biasella. She is passionate and determined while remaining level-headed, sensible, and approachable. Most of all, she is currently employed as a teacher, and is a parent of children who go to Revere public schools; she understands the ever-changing demands of Special Education, and will advocate for those whose voices alone are not enough.

Maybe this sounds like the kind of things people just say to get someone elected; I have seen Vanessa’s work ethic firsthand, and there is no quit in her. Give her a marsh to clean or a playground to rebuild, and she’ll be the first one there and the last to leave. If I were a student, I’d want her as my teacher.

Electing this kind of candidate is a necessity for Revere.  

Louis Spagnola

Supports Novoselsky

Dear Editor,

Ward 2 is extremely lucky to have Ira Novoselsky. Being Ward 2 Councillor is Ira’s only job.

Ira is a full time city councillor! This is extremely important to highlight, it is a game changer in my opinion. You can have someone who devotes all of their time to you or someone who has to share his time with a full-time job. That’s an easy decision for me.

Being Ward 2 Councillor is incredibly challenging and requires a great deal of time being in the ward, responding to emergencies, attending meetings etc. Trust me, from my experience, having a full-time job while being Ward 2 Councillor is not a mix for success, you just can’t effectively serve Ward 2, unless it is your only obligation.

Ward 2 is also very lucky to have Ira Novoselsky, because Ira knows the workings of city and state government, you have a well-trained city councillor, one that knows government as good as anyone in revere. For this reason is why ira has had so much success at getting things done.

Now is not the time for on-the-job training!

And finally, Ira has a proven track-record of bringing people together, Councillor Novoselsky has constantly promoted diversity within Ward 2, amongst all groups and cultures.

Ira won’t stop, because he cares! He also realizes the importance of all of us working together to make revere a better place to live.

Please join me in supporting the re-election campaign for Ira Novoselsky as Ward 2 city councillor.

John Perez

Former Ward 2 Councillor

The first Latino City Councillor in Revere

Novoselsky Endorsed by Unions

Dear Editor,

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 222 and Local 103 along with the Pipefitters local 537 and the Mass and Northern New England Laborers District Council have endorsed Ira Novoselsky to be re-elected as the Ward 2 Councillor in the City of Revere.

In their endorsements these Unions recognized that Councillor Novoselsky has worked with many developers to encourage the use of Union Labor on ALL projects in the City of Revere.  He has supported Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) between developers and the Union families.  He has voted in support of all Union efforts brought in front of the Revere City Council and committed to support any union protest by promising not to cross any proposed picket lines.

Ira has been involved in Unions since 1970 as an employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Facility Manager for over 20 years for the Department of Employment and Training.  He was with the AFL-CIO, SEIU and NAGE and was a NAGE Union Steward and elected as an area Vice President.

The IBEW Local 2222 stated that “We must support those who support us.  We believe that since Councillor Novoselsky continues to improve the lives of all working families, as we do, we are proud to support him.”

Please get out to vote on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.


Brotherhood of

Electrical Workers

Local 222 and Local 103

Pipefitters local 537

Mass and Northern New England Laborers District Council

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