Ballot Positions for Nov. 2 Election Released

Election Commission Diane Colella explained that ballot positions for the Nov. 2 final election were determined alphabetically, with the incumbents listed first on the ballot, followed by the other candidates who are also listed in alphabetical order.

In the case of a ward race where there is no incumbent, such as in Ward 3 where Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso is not seeking re-election, the names of the two candidates (Anthony Saverio Cogliandro and Albert J. Terminiello Jr.) appear in alphabetical order.

Following are the ballot positions for the Nov. 2, 2021 election:

Council- At-Large

Steven Morabito

George Rotondo

Gerry Visconti

Anthony Zambuto

Daniel Rizzo

Marc Silvestri

School Committee

Stacy Bronsdon-Rizzo

Michael A. Ferrante

Susan J. Gravellese

Frederick A. Sannella

Carol A. Tye

Vanessa J. Biasella

Jacqueline Chavez

John Kingston

Aisha Milbury-Ellis

Ward 1

Joanne McKenna

Ward 2

Ira Novoselsky

Manuel Carrero Jr.

Ward 3

Anthony Saverio Cogliandro

Albert Terminiello, Jr.

Ward 4

Patrick Michael Keefe Jr.

Ward 5

John F. Powers

Al Fiore

Ward 6

Richard Joseph Serino

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