Free Again: Turco, Giannino Pass Legislation That Could End Meters on Beach

Special to the Journal

Representatives Turco and Giannino announced that legislation has passed that would put the parking meters on Revere Beach to a vote by the Revere City Council

“Today is a victory for the people of Revere and Winthrop. The meters will come down from Revere Beach and they will not go up in Winthrop. I want to thank my colleagues in the legislature, Speaker Mariano, former Senator Boncore, my partner in Revere, Rep. Giannino, and specifically Rep. Jay Livingstone for his leadership in shepherding this bill to passage. I also want to thank Mayor Arrigo, Councilors McKenna, Novoselsky and Powers for keeping this issue at the forefront. Of course, thanks to the people of Revere who vocally and respectfully voiced their opposition to paid parking on America’s First Public Beach. Today’s victory is truly the result of a team effort,” said Rep. Jeffrey Turco.

“I am so proud of the work we have done with Rep. Turco, former Senator Boncore, Mayor Arrigo and the Council. The meters on Revere Beach were a slap in the face to our residents, particularly those living along Revere Beach, like those in the Satter House. When we work together, we can accomplish anything and I am happy to deliver this great news to the people of Revere,” said Rep. Jessica Giannino.

“I applaud our state delegation for their advocacy and speedy work on this legislation,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “This is a great example of the power of collaboration. Thank you Representative Turco and Representative Giannino for their work on behalf of our residents.”

“Removing the meters will now help the Ward One residents park freely in front of their homes instead of worrying about their cars being ticketed,” said Councilor Joanne McKenna.

“This a great win for the people of Revere. The DCR had to be put in their place. No meters or residential permits were necessary and now we have the choice. Thanks to Representatives Turco and Giannino for their hard work,” said Councilor Ira Novoselsky.

“The meters should not have been installed in the first place. There has been a vocal and lengthy fight with DCR – the Mayor and I were successful in negotiating the removal of meters on the westerly/residential side of the beach, and this legislation is another win for our residents. This is a great victory for the City of Revere and I applaud our legislative delegation for their efforts.” – John Powers, Ward 5 Councilor, City of Revere

Two bills were passed that give Revere and other communities with DCR property greater authority over decisions like the one that was fought along Revere Beach since the meters went up unannounced earlier this year.

The first bill (H4010) places the approval of installing meters squarely with the Revere City Council. It requires DCR to obtain approval of the local “appropriating authority” prior to the installation of meters on boulevards, roads, etc, under their jurisdiction. This is retroactive to 1/1/21. As a result, the meters must come down absent Revere City County approval.

The second bill (H4004) requires that, IF there are parking meters 50% of the revenue from meters and fines must go to a Revere Beach Trust fund to be used on the beach and in conjunction with the Mayor on a yearly basis. This only applies if meters are in fact allowed.

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