Remembering 9/11 in Revere

The City of Revere and the Revere Fire Department held a 9/11 remembrance ceremony Saturday at the Revere Fire Station, 360 Revere Beach Parkway.

Revere Fire Chief Christopher Bright led the speaking program that was held on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

Mayor Brian Arrigo also delivered remarks at the program (see page  )

The Rev. John Sheridan delivers the opening prayer ay the 9/11 remembrance ceremony.
Police Officer Anthony Matos and Firefighter David Serino during the ceremony.

State Rep. Jeffrey Turco thanked the Revere firefighters and police officers in attendance. “I just want to thank each one of you again, members of the fire service and the police service and EMS for what you do every day to protect us,” said Turco. “Although Sept. 11, 2011, is a memory for many, you every day put your lives on the line, like those police and fire did, who sacrificed their lives – you do that every day to keep our families and us safe.”

Calling the day a solemn occasion, Chief Bright said, “These attacks marked the worst attacks on U.S. soil since Dec. 7, 1941. And like Pearl Harbor, Sept. 11, 2001 shall live in infamy in the collective memory of all Americans. We shall never forget.”

Bright paid tribute to the individuals who lost their lives during on that tragic day in American history. “Every first responder at the World Trade Center knew the gravity of what they faced that day. They knew they may never make it out of there alive. Despite knowing this, they continued to focus on their work, without regard for their own personal safety. They put themselves in harm’s way to perform this one duty to protect life. Many thousands of lives were saved Sept. 11 due to the selfless acts of bravery performed by the New York City first responders as well as many ordinary New Yorkers. As we say in the fire service, these were just ordinary people performing extraordinary acts. We are forever grateful for their service and in closing, I would like to renew our promise to honor the sacrifices of all those lost on 9/11 and their families. We shall never forget.”

Mayor Arrigo gave the following speech at the ceremony:

Twenty years ago today, an unfathomable tragedy struck our nation—an act of violence so cruel as to stop all Americans in our tracks that fateful morning.

Twenty years ago today, 2,996 people died, and everyone across the country watched hatred pay a devastating visit to our doorstep.

Twenty years ago today, 343 New York City firefighters, 23 New York City police officers, and 37 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police officers sacrificed their lives during their effort to save those in peril. In the twenty years since, another 200 New York City firefighters succumbed to residual illnesses arising from their heroism on that day.

We mourn the loss of these courageous public servants. They exemplify the highest standard of neighborliness and good will that we could ever hope to achieve, and our entire nation owes their families a tremendous debt.

We grieve with those who lost loved ones in New York City, Washington D.C., and Shanksville Pennsylvania. These names too will live on in the hearts and minds of Americans for time immemorial. Our interwoven culture means that these folks had ties nationwide, including right here in Revere. We memorialize Marianne MacFarlane and her family with the deepest solemnity.

The past two decades have seen us rebuild through the grief: One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the United States, operates as a global economic hub, and the area around Ground Zero has been thoughtfully redeveloped for a variety of uses. Memorials to that fateful day have sprung up not only in Manhattan but across the country.

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