Zoning Board of Appeals Addresses Four Items at Its Aug. 25 Meeting

The Revere Zoning Board of Appeals, under the leadership of Chair Michael Tucker, voted on four items on the agenda at its Aug. 25 meeting.

The Board voted unanimously to continue to its Sept. 22 meeting a request by Cavallo Corporation of Somerville for variances that would enable the appellant to construct a single-family dwelling on lots 5 and 6 at Agneous Avenue. Attorney Michael Simeone represented Cavallo Corporation on the matter.

The Board voted unanimously to grant Theresa Adams, Trustee, 351 Vane Street, a variance that will enable the appellant to construct a 24-foot by 36-foot single-story addition at 351 Vane St., Revere. Attorney Steven Reardon represented Ms. Adams on the matter.

Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo spoke in favor of the appellant. “I’m in full support of this effort, and anything we can do that help these people, I would hope that the Zoning Board of Appeals would do so,” said Rotondo. Chairperson Tucker said that Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe also expressed his support of granting the variance.

The Board voted unanimously to grant 333 Lee Burbank, LLC, a variance for the purpose of converting an existing office building to a 12-unit apartment building at 333 Lee Burbank Highway.

Attorney Larry Simeone represented 333 Lee Burbank LLC in the matter.

“I’m in favor of the ZBA voting to put this forward,” said Councillor-at-Large Rotondo so we can put it before the Council and we can help mediate the problems at this site. I believe we’ll be able to meet the parking requirements that are going to be required, and I’m fully supportive of it.”

Chairperson Tucker submitted for the record that City Council President Anthony Zambuto and Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna were in favor of granting the variance.

Simeone called upon his client, Andrew Sica, to talk about the reasons for the conversion of the building. “They really, really tried to make the office building a go,” said Simeone.

Sica said his family has been in the city for many years and that it operates a business adjacent to the proposed project.

“We did put up the office building with very good intentions that the space would work very well and be successful to our family,” said Sica. “In light of current situations and trends of how everything us going, unfortunately it hasn’t been as successful as we hoped. We would like to revive this building in the hope that maybe this conversion would be the way to go. I appreciate any and all help that you can offer us.”

Tucker said he was grateful that the applicant was seeking to add two additional parking spaces for the site. The Board voted unanimously to grant Aguimar DeSouza, 165 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, a variance enabling the appellant to construct an 11-feet, 1-inch by 30 feet, 10-inch addition to the footprint of the existing carport at 51 Carlson Ave., Revere.

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