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A Vote for John Powers Is a Vote for a Proven Track Record

Dear Editor,

I want to say a few words on behalf of John F. Powers, candidate for re-election to Ward 5, Revere City Councilor.

My family has known John for over 60 years and my Dad, Anthony Repucci of Revere always referred to him as his friend and as a trusted man of his word. I have known John for over twenty years both in my prior capacity as Executive Director of CAPIC and as a former Ward 5 resident.

Now retired, I still recall my many interactions with Councilor Powers, who always supported our anti-poverty efforts and did his best to help us secure resources for Revere residents. His dedication and leadership is unquestioned. He is a family man of good character who cherishes Revere. John has the proven skills and experience to represent Ward 5 residents in this most important period of time in Revere’s history. As we well know, development of Revere Beach is essential to Revere’s future economic stability and it is evident that John has supported development opportunities, with a balance that allows all segments of the community to benefit. As a Ward 5 resident, I remember Councilor Powers always in the neighborhood spending time to speak with us on issues that affected quality of life. Councilor Powers was an active participant during the many natural disasters that effected Revere. I still recall the Blizzard of 1978 seeing John in emergency vehicles with then Mayor Colella, bringing residents to safety and distributing food and blankets.

I am endorsing Councilor John Powers for all these reasons and because I recognize the need to have a proven leader with a solid understanding of the neighborhood and the City. John has that proven track record!

Robert S. Repucci

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