Guest Op-Ed: Fiore Opposes 291-Unit Riverside Building

By Al Fiore

Recently, I joined several of my friends and neighbors in opposing yet another massive residential building project here in Revere. This time, we attended a Conservation Commission meeting to voice our opposition to a 291-unit building being proposed.

Our community is being inundated by construction projects just like this one. With each passing special permit approval, we are seeing our streets further clogged with traffic and our quality of life diminished. Lifelong Revere residents are finding it harder and harder to stay here because of the skyrocketing rental rates due to these buildings.

I have to ask, “What are we doing here and why are we allowing this?”

We have always been a close-knit community and our elected officials and their appointees are allowing out-of-town developers to dictate the terms of their entry into this city. We are getting little to no community benefits from these projects and are suffering more and more with each passing day. Even worse is the impact they are having on pushing people out of our city.

I am running for the Ward 5 City Council seat because I have had enough. I know many of the residents of our great city have as well. We need to put an end to these special permits and developers who don’t care about our community. We must develop a comprehensive plan for our community that puts Revere residents first.

I humbly ask for your support on Sept. 14th!

Al Fiore is a former Revere City Councilor and candidate for Ward 5 City Council in Revere.

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