Councilor McKenna Asks for City to Take McMackin Park by Eminent Domain

Ward 1 Councilor Joanne McKenna and the City Council are now playing serious hardball with the caretakers of McMackin Park, the former home to Revere Little League.

McKenna asked Mayor Brian Arrigo to proceed with the taking of McMackin Park by eminent domain. The Council unanimously approved her motion at Monday’s meeting.

McMackin Park in its current state is pictured full of overgrown grass and a very disheveled field and park.

McKenna’s presentation included photos that she took at the park, clearly showing the dilapidated state of the field and the unsafe conditions caused by years of neglect. McMackin Park was once considered one of the premier youth baseball facilities in Massachusetts, earning the nickname “Little Fenway”. The field has been unused for a decade.

“Not only are the gatekeepers of this property inhibiting the usage of this field from our youth, but now, by not addressing the basic issues in this field, they could be jeopardizing the health of the surrounding community by the dormant waters, the mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes that lie in the park,” said McKenna.

The councilor added that “city has a good case” for taking the park by eminent domain.

“I want to commend my colleague with this motion and I agree wholeheartedly,” said Councilor-at-Large Gerry Visconti. “That are and that park has not been taking care of. It was left in complete disarray. It’s filled with bugs and ticks – God only knows what’s coming out of that park right now, which is affecting the neighbors around the area. It’s a shame that it’s gotten to that degree. That park was once known as Little Fenway, and it was a great field. I think it’s long overdue that we take this field back and make it something that we can utilize in that area.”

During his remarks, Ward 4 Councilor Patrick Keefe identified the people who are listed as in charge of McMackin Park: Paul Nichols, Carl Rosa, Rich Minasian, and Rich Damiano.

“Come to the Council meeting. Let’s work on a solution together,” said Keefe. “I don’t know why there’s nothing being answered. I don’t understand it. We have to work on a solution together. Enough’s enough. Stop hiding. Stop talking in circles. Let’s sit down in a public forum and we’ll get this issue corralled.”

With the spirited duo of McKenna, known for her relentless approach in speaking out for her constituents, and Keefe, who helped pilot Revere Pop Warner’s resurgence as its president, the youth of Revere may be playing baseball once again at McMackin Park soon.

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