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Investing in the children is our future

Dear Editor,

Revere, unlike most communities, has a rich and diverse history that continues until this very day. We are a working-class community where education is the mechanism to a better life and success. Major media outlets have reported that Revere has the highest increase in population in Massachusetts, up 20% since the last census. As the fastest-growing community in the Commonwealth, our children deserve the most advanced tools to succeed and compete globally. Our children are not competing against children from Lexington, Brookline, or Malden but from Shanghai, Moscow, and London. 

Ten years ago, I had the vision to bring life sciences to Revere. At the time, Many thought it was out of reach, I did not!  Yet today, that vision is coming to life with the construction of a life science facility by HYM developers. As we await the building of the first half-billion-dollar life science building at Suffolk Downs, the community needs to stand behind the decision to build a new high-tech hybrid high school focusing on AI, robotics, and other STEM programs ensuring our children have the tools and skills to compete. 

Therefore, I firmly believe that the city must strategically invest today in our children’s future. As the father of three girls, two of whom have graduated from Revere Public Schools and a third a few years away from attending, I want to ensure she can compete in the global academic arena. Providing our children and teachers with the most advanced technological high school, challenging academic rigor, new classroom configuration such as classroom clusters, collaboration space, increases in the dual enrollment program, and the vision toward a constantly changing world, I firmly support Revere building a state of the high school at the former Wonderland Dog. As Nelson Mandela once said,” education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  I hope you agree too.

George Rotondo

Revere City Councilor at Large thanks for the memories

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the wonderful memories of my days of Revere Beach.

I was born in Revere on Tapley Avenue, began school at Abraham Lincoln School and graduated from Revere High School in 1948; then joined the Air Force 1948 to 1954.

The printed editions. Reminded me of my years growing up in Revere and the many days spent at the beach. All the amusements from Revere St. to the rotary of Shirley Avenue. I especially recall “Nickel Day” at the beach. I rode the Cyclone and rollercoaster many times, as well as the Virginia Reel and the Nautical Arcade with the boats you could ride in the indoor water arcade. I worked at some of the amusement rides owned then by Victor. Shayeb and Bob Shayeb.

It is sad to sell all are gone and only parking meters remain. I still drive along the beach when I can.

Arnold Radway

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