Letters to the Editor

Looking for an Explanation

Dear Editor: 

Both members of Revere’s State House delegation, Jeff Turco and Jessica Giannino, recently voted “no” on proposals that would: 1) institute term limits for Speaker of the House; 2) require all representatives’ votes in committees to be made public, as is the case in a majority of states; 3) require at least 48 hours notice after a bill is published before voting on it, so that legislators and the public have time to review it, give feedback, and have a thoughtful debate about amendments.

It would be wonderful if the Representatives  offer their reasoning as to why they voted “no” on these proposals. I am sure the public would appreciate hearing their representatives explain their thought processes behind these votes, and I hope our representatives would feel it’s their responsibility to explain their reasoning to the voters.

Joe Gravellese

The Immigration Agenda

Dear Editor,

Why is the Biden Administration allowing masses of immigrants at our Southern boarders and transporting them by buses and planes to other parts of our country, while warning persecuted Cubans that if they attempt to cross the sea to our shores near Florida they will NOT be allowed in?  Is it because the Cuban People who have been oppressed by a Communist Socialistic government value American Freedom and most likely as future citizens would vote Republican? While the immigrants flowing in our southern boarders who have been promised free shelter and healthcare (like in California) would feel allegiance to the Democratic Administration for giving them a “free to enter card” so to speak?

Make no mistake, this is all a politically driven scheme to change the voting demographics of our country!  Democrats wish to change red states to blue. They don’t care about the individuals involved!  If they did, they would not have encouraged masses of humanity including children to be victimized by traffickers and drug cartels to overrun our Southern boarders!  The Cuban people would not support the current Administration’s Democratic Socialistic agenda! That’s why they are not allowed in!

Wake up Massachusetts!  The Democratic Party is not what the Kennedys belonged.  The platform that supports freedom and the American Dream is the Republican Party. But the party that is against voter integrity laws and supports the unlimited killing of unborn babies cannot be trusted to govern the living in America!

Lucia Hunter

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