Letters to the Editor

Abortion, a Horrific Procedure:

Dear Editor,

To inflict such methods on animals would incur immediate public outrage. Yet we continue to dismembered and crush the unborn from the women’s womb in the name of women’s choice!  Planned Parenthood is a powerful entity with lots of money to promote its agenda, marketing and defense that deceives young teens and the public at large into thinking they are for “Women’s Health”.  They prevent women from viewing their unborn baby’s ultrasound in order to steer them toward abortion. Some clinics have been accused of not reporting sex traffickers to obtain abortions from their young victims. They continue to sell baby parts and organs to research companies.  In 2020, Planned Parenthood got 618.1 million dollars in taxpayer money while killing 354,871 unborn babies!  Their business is eugenics and infanticide!  Any sane person cannot approve such practices against women and their unborn. What can the concerned taxpayer do?

As I did, write or call your representatives in congress & senate to support the following: Ultrasound Informed Consent Act HR 648 – gives women the right to see her Unborn’s ultrasound before deciding if to abort;  Heartbeat Protection Act HR 705 – protects the unborn that has heartbeat; Protecting Life & Taxpayers Act HR 2619 – prevents taxpayer money from going to abortionists; and Life at Conception Act S 99 (Senate version) and HR 1011 (House version) – states a human life begins at conception, which is a scientifically proven fact. 

Lucia Hunter

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