Director of Parking James Rose Honored With Citation by Council

The City Council honored Parking Director Jim Rose Monday with a Certificate of Commendation in recognition of his upcoming retirement.

City Council President Anthony Zambuto praised Rose’s efforts in helping to implement the new residential parking program.

James Rose, Director of Parking for the City of Revere was given a citation upon his announcement of retirement at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Rose has served the city well and will be missed. In the photo Jim Rose is shown with Council President Tony Zambuto, Councillor Jessica Giannino, and Councillor Gerry Visconti.

“We all know what Jim Rose did for Revere’s parking system – he transformed it, he truly did,” said Zambuto. “I am so grateful to you and I’m so happy for your retirement. It’s bittersweet that you’re moving on, but I wish you all the best.”

Rose thanked the City Council for its recognition of his work as parking director. “This is an honor that I wasn’t expecting. When I do a job, my job, the paycheck was the reward. Besides thanking all the councillors here, I want to thank Mayor Brian Arrigo for giving me the opportunity to take this position and have the trust in me over the last three years to do it,” said Rose. “We made a parking department that I know I’m proud of and whoever takes it over, I think they’re walking into a department now that people respect.”

Rose also thanked Revere Finance Director Richard Viscay for his partnership. “He was like a guardian angel guiding me through this whole process,” said Rose. “He was a huge help.”

He also applauded his colleagues in the Parking Department, “who are a tremendous asset.”

“They came to work every day, worked hard, and we were all building the same program together,” said Rose. “Without them, it totally would have been impossible.”

Rose said his goal at the Parking Department – where he maintained an open-door policy for residents – was always “to help people.”

“I’m sorry that I’m leaving but I think the time has come,” said Rose. “I want to spend time with my wife, my grandchildren, and take some trips and do things that I used to do. I appreciate everybody being here and I can’t say enough. This is quite the honor.”

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