Keefe Wants Surveillance Cameras for Amasa Street

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe is asking the Revere Police Department to install surveillance cameras on Amasa Street “to monitor illicit activity and illegal dumping.”

Keefe said he has raised the issue in the past and is now actively seeking a solution to the problem. He said that the illegal dumping of items occurs regularly there “because the street is dark and secluded and it abuts Route 1.”

“People pull up on Route 1 and they throw mattresses out,” he reported. “They do really bad things in their car that the neighbors don’t really appreciate, so having a little extra surveillance – I know we have the technology and the ability to get the equipment. This is just one of those no-brainer streets that we should have it on.”

Keefe asked for the support of his colleagues on the Council and “I know the residents would appreciate it as well.”

Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo said the issue has been ongoing “since I was the Ward 4 councillor.”

“Patrick, I echo your concerns,” said Rotondo. “More importantly the technology is there. This is short money to get the surveillance that is requisite. And more importantly the people that it’s going to support are the people that are being infringed upon, so I support this 100 percent.”

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