Residents Turn Out to Voice Opposition Parking Meters

Several residents showed up Saturday at the William G. Reinstein Bandstand for a protest against the DCR’s parking meter program on Revere Beach Boulevard that will begin on May 1.

 Wayne Rose, one of the leaders of the group, said, “We would like to effectively get all the meters off of Revere Beach. Two hundred spaces (for residents) wasn’t enough. We have no parking for residents of Beachmont, which isn’t right. I’ve driven to every beach all along this coast and no other beach has a meter on it. It’s just not right.”

Out of signs?? No problem, make your own. Janet Long a Revere Beach resident, shows her discontent for the meters.

Rose added that his group would like to meet with DCR officials to discuss the issue. He noted that no DCR official ever appeared at a City Council meeting in the months leading up to the installation of the parking meters on the Boulevard. “Nobody was ever notified of this program, except some politicians,” said Rose.

Rick Sarno, who resides near Revere High School, said, “I’ve lived here 55 years. I’ve been here for the good, the bad, and this is the ugly. There’s no reason to have meters down here. All it is – is a money grab, as far I’m concerned.”

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