North Revere Residents Beautify Their Neighborhood

By Melissa Moore-Randall

North Revere residents took advantage of the beautiful, spring weather Saturday and took part in a neighborhood cleanup.  Megan Conley spearheaded the clean-up. “I was walking around the pond, behind the bike trail about a month ago, and there was just so much trash everywhere, stuck in the trees and bushes. This area is a hidden gem and serves to be beautiful. So I decided right then and there that I wanted to put together a clean-up day.”

Conley quickly reached out to Ward Six Councilor Richard Serino. “He was so quick to respond to my email, within minutes really, and he mentioned that normally there is a clean-up day but because of Covid-19 there were other things that needed to be prioritized. As a result, I was able to spearhead this operation, and I did just that!” added Conley.  

Megan then reached out to the Bike to Sea Northern Strand Committee. They mentioned that there were several clean up Saturdays planned in April along the different parts of Everett, Malden, Revere, Saugus, and Lynn trail.  “I planned accordingly with DPW and spread the word. As a result our day on Saturday was a complete success. There were a lot of areas that needed cleaning and we did exceptionally well. There were a few huge items that need to be taken away that are planned to do so.”  

Conley organized about 18 volunteers, many who she knows from working closely with at the food pantry and other volunteer opportunities. “Councilor Serino donated a Market Basket gift card for us to stay hydrated with yummy snacks to keep us going! Overall we had one heck of a day and I’m happy! Can’t wait to get out there again. There is still much to do so you’ll see me out there picking up trash to help preserve our green space! Bobby Golding was able to snatch us up t-shirts from the previous “Beautify Revere” clean up days! Everyone got one, it was awesome!”

Conley was thankful to the volunteers who included Erika Svendsen, Anthony Peters, Bobby Golding, Rick Savage, David Etough, Marissa Mcqueeny, Vanessa Biasella and her sons,Mostafa Hajim, Camila Castro, Xavier Alvarez, Rocio and Luis Lopera, Steve and Carmela Penta, and Jamie Nelson and his dog Buddy.


Megan Conley 

Erika Svendsen

Anthony Peters

Bobby Golding

Rick Savage

David Etough

Marissa Mcqueeny

Vanessa and her 2 boys (need last name)

Mostafa Hajim

Camila Castro

Xavier Alvarez

Rocio and Luis Lopera

Steve Penta and Carmela Penta

Jamie Nelson and Buddy the dog

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