Luongo Appointed Director of Revere Public Library

The City Council unanimously approved Mayor Brian Arrigo’s appointment of Diane Luongo as director of the Revere Public Library.

Luongo appeared at the Council’s Appointments Sub-Committee meeting Monday. Chair Arthur Guinasso asked Luongo to give the Committee “a brief outline as to what your intentions are to be the director of the Revere Public Library and what you see in the future for the Library.”

Luongo told the Committee that she has worked at the Revere Public Library for eight years. She has begun her studies in a Master’s of Library Science program.

“What I envision for the Library is to start filling it with qualified staff members in order to bring us up to speed with all the other surrounding cities,” said Luongo. “So that’s where I am right now as far as future planning. I’m just trying to get staff in the building that are qualified in order to better serve our community.” There were no further questions from the members of the Subcommittee. Members of the Sub-Committee, Councillors Arthur Guinasso, Jessica Giannino, Joanne McKenna, Gerald Visconti, and Anthony Zambuto voted 5-0 to approve the nomination which was later confirmed by the entire City Council at its regular meeting

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