Guinasso wants fire lanes installed on both sides of Naples Road citing safety concerns

Ward 3 Councilor Arthur Guinasso appeared at the Revere Traffic Commission meeting on March 25 to request that fire lanes be positioned on both sides of the entire length of Naples Road to allow for the access of fire and other emergency apparatus.

Guinasso said the reason for his request was that “three businesses on Naples Road aren’t really doing what they’re supposed to do and they keep violating the terms of what we asked them to do.”

Guinasso’s proposed solution is to install fire lanes on the road that runs from Route 107 (off of Broadway Circle) to 405 American Legion Highway.

“The only way we can put any teeth into the matter is to enforce and put in rules and regulations and guidelines – and these fire lanes would be excellent for that particular purpose,” Guinasso told the Commission.

Guinasso also noted that there are homes on the road. “These residents have very, very serious concerns because no one is paying attention,” said Guinasso. “We need the teeth of government to finally do something positive for our constituents and neighbors by putting in force these rules of order and this fire lane would be perfect.”

He said the new fire lanes would give the city “the tools” to send the Revere Police Department to tag violators of the fire lane regulations on a daily basis.

“After enough tickets, the [violations] will stop,” said Guinasso. “But verbiage is not working. We try to be neighborly and fair but they [the business owners] don’t want to listen. Enough is enough. They have to obey the law. They have to help us out.”

Council President Anthony Zambuto agreed fully with Guinasso’s summation of the issue. He also noted that his colleague, Councilor-at-Large Gerry Visconti was also a supporter of the proposal.

“This street is a safety hazard,” said Zambuto. “I’m sure the Fire Chief [Christopher Bright] will agree that it would be tough to get an apparatus down the street.”

Zambuto also pointed out that there is now a new hotel [Avid Hotel] at the end of the street.

“God forbid there’s a problem – we’re not going to be able to get there,” cautioned Zambuto. “I can’t see any other way but to have no parking on that street. The houses have driveways. The businesses are the ones that are abusing this street. It’s probably the worst street in the city as far as a safety hazard. So I think this is a solution. It will finally clean up a mess down there and the people in the area will be safe.”

Commission Chair Paul Argenzio asked if it were the will of the Commission to schedule a public hearing on the fire-lane proposal. Fire Chief Christopher Bright made the motion for a public hearing. Police Chief David Callahan seconded the motion, opening the door to a public hearing in late April.

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