Play of the Day: Carvalho-Bettero’s Tip Pass Was Extraordinary

Carolina Carvalho-Bettero is one of the most outstanding high school soccer players in eastern Massachusetts. The 5-foot-9-inch junior has 55 goals and 32 assists in two seasons for the RHS girls soccer team.

But Carvalho-Bettero also plays RHS girls basketball and runs track and her amazing tip pass to Skyla DeSimone in Revere’s season opener versus Lynn Classical just may be the best play of her career to-date.

With the shot clock winding down, Carvalho-Bettero outjumped an opposing player for a pass and in one motion redirected the basketball to Skyla DeSimone who launched a three-pointer that was successful. DeSimone was fouled in the act of shooting.

In essence, Carvalho-Bettero had to make three instantaneous decisions while the basketball was heading her way: that she couldn’t get in a catch-and-shoot situation herself; that she had to locate DeSimone; and that she had to tip the basketball in such a way that DeSimone could launch the ball immediately.

“I said to (Revere AD) Frank Shea and my assistant coaches, ‘That’s one of most athletic things I’ve seen in my coaching career,” said Revere head coach Matt Willis. “The fact that Carolina tipped it to Skyla in perfect rhythm – also credit Skyla for being ready to shoot that ball. But the fact that Carolina had the wherewithal to know one, the shot clock, and two, understanding the rotation of the defense that left Skyla open. It was really just an amazing play and it definitely speaks volumes to Carolina’s athleticism and basketball IQ.”

Carvalho-Bettero also swished two free throws with 5.3 seconds left in the game to give Revere a two-point lead. But Classical’s Ava Thurman spoiled Carvalho-Bettero’s potential game-winning moment on a full court-length drive to the basketball to send the game into overtime where Classical eventual won 59-57.

“Carolina is just one of the best athletes and competitors you could coach,” said Willis. “She made a few outstanding plays in this game, helped break their press, and really helped us get back into the game. She just really loves to compete and loves all things sports and she’s a very proud Revere kid. She wants to play for her hometown team.”

Revere basketball fans can view Carolina’s “play of the day” on the Revere TV broadcast video of the game.

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