Revere’s Dazé Creates Unique Gifts by Hand at Handmade Ceramics

Story by Marianne Salza

Home is love. It is a sense of comfort — a sentiment that Revere artist, Catherine Dazé has learned through her travels. From growing up in Orange County, California, to teaching English in Korea, where she met her Irish husband, Daniel, Dazé believes that what makes somewhere a home is human connection and kindness.

“Home isn’t a place,” said Dazé, who began exploring at age 18. “It’s a feeling of belonging.”

Her global adventures have inspired her artwork that elaborates on the meaning of home. Since the summer of 2019, the mother of a vivacious 2-year-old son, Sionny, has opened her own pottery studio, Hand by Handmade Ceramics, on the balcony of her two-bedroom apartment.

“If you do what you love, you will end up being happier,” explained Dazé about being patient. “I’m a believer in delayed gratification: working towards a lifestyle you have in mind, and waiting out for it. It’s important to keep your values close to you, and hold out for something that’s good.”

Like many during the pandemic, Dazé’s part time job was cancelled. She struggled to find artistic motivation, and at times, felt unsuccessful. This difficult period motivated Dazé to invest in her talents.

“Creativity isn’t something that comes and goes. It’s always there,” realized Dazé. “The world is inspiring. We just have to be open to see it. The good stuff in life is art and family. That’s what everybody lives for.”

Dazé began throwing pottery while studying Fine Arts at Gonzaga University, in Washington. Since then, making a home in a new place has been a reoccurring theme in her life. The artistic nomad also lived in Portland, Oregon, where she worked for a non-profit organization that utilized art as a means of helping disadvantaged youth at a homeless shelter earn money. 

Dazé feels blessed that she has experienced many cultures. She and Daniel spent four years together in Ireland: Daniel studied medicine; and Dazé earned her master’s degree in Event Management while working nights at a hotel. Later, she applied her skills in Boston, where she organized meetings, conferences, and events.

“I followed whatever I thought would be fun at the time,” Dazé revealed. “Be in control of your own destiny. Being intentional is important. Arrange your schedule, and do the things that you love. I can’t believe where I am now. I feel fortunate to be happy.”

Although Dazé has been creating pottery since 2004, she has sold more ceramics now than ever, and safely resumed teaching in-person beginner ceramic workshops at Belmont’s Indigo Fire Studio, in September.

Her current body of work, “Personifications of Home,” is a series that she began 10 years ago. Dazé has sketched some 60 drawings inspired by homes from around the world, and accompanied them with poems written by her friend, Rachel Morlock, in their recently published book, “Your Home.”

“Art is about communication, talking to people, getting a message across, and making people feel valued,” said Dazé, who is a new member of the Revere Cultural Council. Visit, or follow Catherine Dazé on Instagram @callmecatdaze to view her portfolio of ceramics and drawings, or commission customizable wares, as well as baby hand prints, and family hand portraits.

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