Letters to the Editor

Thank You, Dept. Of Veterans Affairs

Dear Editor,

I want to acknowledge with gratitude the Revere Department of Veterans Affairs who came to my assistance when I had no idea how to assist a family member, a veteran, who appeared to be in serious distress, but could not be reached.  I was a long distance away from Revere, but did not want to involve Emergency Services which could have caused unnecessary anxiety and embarrassment for the person.

Donna, who answered the phone, was solicitous and efficient, asking all the right questions to establish what could be done. Director Marc Silvestri was very comforting and informed me of all the extensive services which would be available to my family member should he be in need.

Because I was still on the road traveling to Revere, Marc actually drove to the veteran’s home to check the situation. He managed to contact the man and determined that he did not require much help. I was greatly relieved and pleased to relate the news to the out-of state son who initially called me. The Revere Department of Veterans Affairs is a very impressive operation and is certainly an asset to the city.

Name Withheld on Request


Dear Editor,

To the People of Revere, your future is Health

Step 1. Do what you can to protect your health and follow the rules.

Step 2. Watch out for your fellowman, because we do need each other.

The City of Revere is full of preparedness from the city officers to the Board of Healthy. My fellow citizens of Revere, you are courageous. We do not walk in darkness. We Walk In The Light!

All teachers you have my support 1,000%. We need you to be healthy.

My mission is you, the City of Revere; you are a gift in this world.

I remain your humble servant. I care about all of you.

Judith S. Robicheau

Silver SenatorI am a member of the Massachusetts Silver Legislature. Any questions or information can be obtained by contacting www.MASilverLegislature.org

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