Be Sure to Vote on Tuesday

This Tuesday, March 2, is Primary Election Day for the four candidates — Valentino Capobianco, Alicia DelVento, Juan Pablo Jaramillo, and Jeff Turco — for the Democratic nomination for State Representative from the 19th Suffolk District, which encompasses all of Winthrop and a large potion of Revere (Ward 1 — Precincts 1 and 2; Ward 2; Ward 3 — Precincts 2 and 3; and Ward 5 — precinct 3).

The opportunity for Democratic voters (Unenrolled voters also may vote in the Democratic Primary) from the 19th District to choose a new State Representative literally is a once-in-a-generation event. Bob DeLeo held the seat for 30 years and before him, Alfred Saggese was the State Rep. for 16 years.

We would note that Jessica Giannino, the State Representative from the remainder of Revere, encompassing the 16h Suffolk District, recently was elected to her first term in November. Seldom has it been true in the history of Winthrop and Revere that our delegation in the Mass. House will represent generational change to such a large extent.

Although all of the candidates on the ballot on Tuesday are Democrats, this past week’s debate highlighted the differences between the four candidates on many issues and provided voters with an opportunity to make a judgment as to which candidate would be the most effective in representing our district’s interests on Beacon Hill.

In addition, Democratic voters should keep in mind that there will be a final election in four weeks on March 30 in which the winner this Tuesday will face Republican and Unenrolled (Independent) candidates.

Tuesday’s primary election is a rare opportunity for voters of our district to bring new leadership to the State House. We urge all Democratic voters in the 19th district to take the time to vote this Tuesday.

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