City Council Approves New Public Art Commission

Revere has a newly established Public Art Commission.

The City Council voted unanimously to launch the new board after Elle Baker, project manager in the Planning Department, had given the Legislative Affairs an overview of the commission during the subcommittee meeting.

“We would start a Public Art Commission so we may have a group of five to seven members that would work alongside the Planning Department and help to establish new guidelines for public art,” explained Baker.

She said members would bring a variety of backgrounds in art “and establish more diverse expressions of public art opportunities throughout the city.”

One high school student will be invited each year to participate in the new commission, said Baker.

Ward 3 Councilor Arthur Guinasso asked if the members of the Public Art Commission would receive a stipend.

“They are paid positions according to the ordinance,” said Subcommittee Chair Steven Morabito.

“And what kind of money would they be receiving?” asked Guinasso.

“I believe it would be the same as any other acting committee in the city,” replied Morabito. “I’m not sure of that [pay] rate.”

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers asked how the members of the new commission would be selected. Baker responded that several residents had already requested membership on the new commission. Morabito added that Mayor Brian Arrigo would be making the appointments, but “all appointments must be approved by the City Council.”

The Legislative Affairs Subcommittee gave the Public Art Commission a favorable recommendation that the full membership of the Council affirmed at its regular meeting.

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