Same-Day Delivery Now Available at Winthrop Marketplace

Now offering a delivery option with same day service, the staff at the Winthrop Marketplace is making it more convenient for shoppers who prefer to stay home. One step ahead of everyone else, Store Manager, Chris Wallerce, added the option last year, prior to the pandemic and before customers were shifting the majority of their shopping to delivery only.

Since then, grocery deliveries have expanded and the store does an average of 30 a week, enhancing the convenience for customers who prefer to stay home and those who simply cannot leave their houses.

Delivery customers call the store’s main number (617-846-6880) prior to 2 p.m., and put their order in with an employee. If an item can’t be found, the employee contacts the customer and stays on the phone with them until they find an acceptable substitute.

“We try to maintain a relationship with the customer, and we accommodate where we can,” said Wallerce. 

After the shopping items are checked off, the employee charges the customer’s credit card, which includes an $8 fee for Winthrop Taxi, who then picks up the groceries and delivers them to the front door of the residence.

“Some customers request that the driver leave the bags at the front door and others ask for them to be brought into the house.”

Wallerce recommends that the customer leave a three dollar tip for the driver, taking the total delivery fee to an average of $11. While competitors are charging a hefty fee, Wallerce is hoping to avoid adding a shopping fee onto the driving fee; however, with the rising costs of goods and minimum wage increasing, he may have to require a shopping fee but he hopes to keep it minimal. He is currently working on getting the Marketplace on Instacart so customers can order their goods online.

“With the limited capacity due to COVID, it’s nice to give people another option. We try to make it as efficient as possible and we typically turn everything over in one to three hours. It works well because we have limited storage space so we need to get the items out the door and delivered as soon as possible.”

Wallerce said that the start of the pandemic brought on an influx of panic buyers, making it hard to keep up with the demand of goods, but since then the store is back to its routine and he hopes they will be able to keep up with their quick turnaround time.

To request a grocery delivery, please call 617-846-6880 before 2 p.m.

The Winthrop Marketplace is located at 35 Revere St, Winthrop, MA 02152.

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