License Commission Hears of COVID-Related Business Issues

At the License Commission meeting on January 20, commissioners heard about the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects on local restaurants and organizations.

The owners of Lazy Crab Restaurant and Bar, located at 733 Broadway, appeared before the commission to explain the delay in opening their establishment.  Attorney Joseph Cattoggio, representing the owners, told the commissioners that the pandemic has made it difficult to obtain the necessary building permits and inspections to open the restaurant in a timely manner.  He stated that construction has been on-going in 2020, but has been slow, with the final building permit not being issued until December.  

He noted that the hood for the stove and the seating arrangements have been approved by city officials.

”It has been almost two years since you were approved for the license and it is good to see you are trying to get open,”  said commissioner Linda Guinasso.

The commissioners approved an extension for six months for the opening and will review the progress at that time.

In another matter, the commissioners granted the officers and managers of the Revere Lodge Loyal Order of Moose #1272, located at 470 Broadway, a 90-day extension to have their application approved by the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) in Boston.

There seems to be an issue with the application not having been filed correctly and as a result, the local commission cannot approve the renewal of the liquor license.

“Someone has to straighten out the issues at the ABCC,” said Guinasso.

“We should give them a little time to square it out at the ABCC,” added commissioner Robert Selevitch.

The commissioners then voted to grant an extension of 90 days to allow officers from the Moose to address the discrepancies at the ABCC and receive the state board’s approval. 

The following license renewals were approved:

Common Victualler:

Sarah L. Teck Management, Inc. d/b/a McDonald’s, 339 Squire Road;

Dina, LLC d/b/a Subway, 339 Squire Road;

Beach Mount Corporation d/b/a Beachmont Roast Beef, 629 Winthrop Ave.;

Labor Salvadoran Restaurant, LLC, 227 Revere St.;

Baiza, Inc. d/b/a Papa Jack’s, 327 Broadway;

Target Corporation d/b/a Target Store T-1942, 36 Furlong Dr.; 

Los Hornitos, LLC, 2 Park Ave.; 

Columns Corporation d/b/a Taqueria Colima, 425 Revere Beach Blvd;

Tehran Islam d/b/a 7-Eleven #34393, 127 Broadway; 

Café Montecristo, Inc. d/b/a Montecristo Mexican Grill, 364 Broadway; 

Sainte Corp. d/b/a Nick’s Deli, 750 Washington Ave.; 

Revere Pancakes, Inc. d/b/a IHOP 4732, 105 Squire Rd.;

Casablanca House of Pastry, Inc., 151 VFW Parkway, Suite 60;

Ly Roun & Sereypanha Chhoeurng d/b/a 4 Season Boba Tea, 196 Shirley Ave..


Sarah L. Teck Management, Inc. d/b/a McDonald’s, 339 Squire Rd.;

Baiza, Inc. d/b/a Papa Jack’s, 327 Broadway; 

Café Montecristo, Inc. d/b/a Montecristo Mexican Grill, 364 Broadway.

Automatic Amusement Device:

The Sons of Revere, 8 Revere St 

CLASS 1 Motor Vehicle Dealer:

Black Marble Motorcycles, LLC d/b/a Boston Harley-Davidson, 649-1 Squire Rd.;

The Bikers Outfitter, Inc., 1039 Broadway. 

CLASS 2 Motor Vehicle Dealer:

Louis Taglieri, Jr. d/b/a Lee’s Towing & Auto Salvage, 1089R Broadway; 

Bob’s Auto Body Services, Ltd., 1456 North Shore Rd.; 

Averts John Nakashian d/b/a European Exotics Auto Sales, 787 No. Shore Rd.;

Strop Rob Nakashian d/b/a Beach Motors Auto Sales, 787B No. Shore Rd.; 

Motorcycles of Manchester, Inc., 184 Broadway. 

Gold, Silver, Precious Metals, Jewelry:

Larry Bagnera d/b/a La Villa Jewelry, 396 Broadway; 

Rachana Jewelry, Inc., 156 Shirley Ave.


 Larry Bagnera d/b/a La Villa Jewelry, 396 Broadway 

Second-Hand Dealer: Larry Bagnera d/b/a La Villa Jewelry, 396 Broadway.

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