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Capobianco Is Right Guy for the Job

Dear Editor,

As a 48 year resident of Winthrop in the 19th Suffolk District, I know that Valentino Capobianco is the right person to fill Speaker DeLeo’s vacant seat in the March 2nd election.  Tino is caring, competent, and committed.

I’ve known Tino for more than fifteen years through numerous campaigns, Democratic Town and State Committee, and as an aide to Speaker Bob DeLeo.  I’ve seen up close and personal his over ten years of public service, especially with marginalized people–the homeless, the disabled, the poor. 

I will never forget the time Tino asked me to accompany him to the home of a mutual, disabled friend who was dying of cancer, as Tino needed support in this difficult situation.  Tino is decidedly caring.

However, Tino has over 10 years of public service as aide to DeLeo and as Chief of Staff to Senator Paul Feeney.  In addition, he’s served on the Winthrop School Committee for the past 5 years, twice as Chairperson.  He was also a valuable member of Winthrop Air Hazards Committee for 4 years. He’s been an elected member of the State Democratic Committee for 1st Suffolk and Middlesex District since 2008.  Tino is decidedly competent, versed in the workings of both town and state government.

Finally, Tino Capobianco is committed to fair and strong representation of our 19th Suffolk District.  Tino has the vision and practical experience to address important issues like improvement of our public schools, helping our small businesses and working families rebuild during and after this terrible pandemic, preserving our environment, and ensuring human rights for all citizens.

To learn more about Tino Capobianco’s campaign or join the Tino Team, go to www.tino4rep.com.

Join me in voting for Tino Capobianco on Tuesday, March 2, for State Representative for Winthrop and the 19th District of Revere.  Thank you.

Donna Segreti Reilly

Thank You to All Who Made Toy Drive a Great Success

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Revere Police Department, I am happy and proud to announce that the Revere Police Department’s 23rd Annual Toy Drive was a great success. With the help of our very generous donors, the police department was able to assist multiple Revere families hit hard by the pandemic during the 2020 holiday season.

The Department would like to thank all of our donors and express our gratitude. Special thanks to the following: Revere Lodge of Elks, Anessa Schena, Revere High School, Patty Hurley, the Jack Satter House Tenants Association, Erika Dicicco from Dance Revolution, Frankie Nuzzo from Greater Boston Fitness, George Maglione, Jennifer Reeves, Donnie and Catrina Jaynes, Sandra Medeiros and Joe Chiaramonte and many others, who showed support.

Finally, I would like to thank the Revere Police Officers, who donated their time as well as toys to this drive and to the Patrol Division, who helped deliver the toys when called upon. The success of the Toy Drive would not have been possible without your kindness and generosity.

Chief David Callahan

We Need Another Vaccination Site

The following letter was sent to the Governor’s Office from the Revere City Council.

Dear Editor,

As you undoubtably know, the City of Revere has been one of the hardest hit cities in the Commonwealth in terms of infection rates of COVID-19.  We are also a community with a large immigrant population.  One can surmise that COVID rates have remained at a constant high in our city through most of the pandemic because we are a densely populated urban city, and the vast majority of our residents work in jobs in which working remotely and staying home is simply not an option.  Most residents of Revere have worked throughout the pandemic as essential workers in the service industry, and because many live in households with multiple family members, the virus has spread like wildfire in our city.

On Saturday, January 23, 2021, the Boston Globe highlighted an apparent disparity in vaccine access to Black and Latino communities in Suffolk County.  It was noted that as of this past weekend, the only COVID vaccination site in all of Suffolk County is in South Boston, with a site at Fenway Park coming online very soon.  South Boston and Fenway Park may seem central in terms of being in the City of Boston, but for Revere residents, trekking to South Boston or Fenway for a vaccine presents a hardship to some.  

As a City Council, we are thankful for your administration’s efforts in making COVID testing rapidly available and easily accessible to our residents through the collaboration with Beacon Testing and Fallon Ambulance Services.  Now, as we enter a new phase of the pandemic with the vaccine quickly becoming available, we respectfully request that your administration select a location or locations in our community as a vaccination site/(s).  We leave the determination of feasibility to your administration, but one example of a possible site could be the DCR owned Cronin Ice Skating Rink, which straddles the border between Revere and Chelsea – another local community that has been deeply impacted by the COVID pandemic.

We thank you for your consideration, and we hope that you will hear our plea to make the vaccine more accessible to our residents as it becomes more readily available to the public at-large.

The Revere City Council

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